EURUSD Analysis (ongoing thread)


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EUR/USD 21/01/2020 - slow day yesterday as US holiday.

I’m in for a buy, eyeing up retracement.

Looking at 1.114 for tp and then continuing down trend.

Overall downtrend formed and in reversal.

The U.S. Dollar Index remains at highs looks like it’s gonna drop for a bit.

Hopefully EUR news will drive pair up for a bit.

How you guys trading today? :)View attachment 50281
Have to say I am long on the EURUSD right now, 1.1 is such a strong level, so won't be considering the short till it breaks this area down. There is some nice daily rejection at present if it closes this way.


The EURUSD finds a support at the 1.1000 zone and bounces back up to the 55 day EMA, just below the 1.1100 level. The pair may go back to the 1.1000 level, which has been acting as a support since late last year and it could act again as support.