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Kaes Kniestedt

Hi all -

Today I received the following email from FigFx, informing me that they were disabling my account. My responses are in red.

Hello Mr. Kniestedt,

This email is to inform you that your trading account #121650 has been
blocked* due to several violations of our terms of service agreement, as
well as the terms in regards to the partnership program available at

1- Your account, registered from Redmond, WA
2- Your account, trades from IP address (*which is nowhere
near Redmond*) - Actually this IP is from Sammamish, WA - which is about 5 miles from Redmond. So yes, it is near Redmond

3- Your account uses an expert adviser identified as the Ruskinator
4- VPS trading usually from the CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS LLC network

There are three accounts in our system --*which we believe are used,
accessed, controlled by yourself* (why?)-- for some reason, share all the three
points defined above (there are actually four points). Which is a clear violation of our "*one account per
household*". Please explain to me how this even comes near proof that my account is in the same household as another. It doesn't seem to me that just because I use the same EA as my brother, we both live in Redmond, and that I use a VPS to trade with that this means we live in the same house. If you look closely at our IPs, you will see that he is even on a different ISP than me (my comcast one and his verizon one). Add to that that three of the four accounts use the same last
name (which four accounts?), and the same ID identification tag (what the hell is a ID identification tag?). Clearly (except for the fact where it's nowhere clear), those accounts were

opened for a relative sharing the same residential, IP (not true) address as well as
other information and of course, the Ruskinator which is only found in these
4 accounts in our platform.

All four accounts have been *permanently disabled.*
FIG has full logs of all login and access details to all four accounts
including those from Redmond, WA as well as Sammamish, WA and the VPS by
Cloud LLC. Please show me these logs, because I can guarantee you they aren't even from the same IP. My brother has an account and he uses Verizon, whereas I have a VPS in Seattle. As well, the affiliate account referring the accounts have been

disabled and all generated rebate commissions have been nullified. Please
revise our affiliate agreement again for more details.

Thank you and have a nice day

Unfortunately, I have no where to send these responses to, so I turn to you, FPA, for help. My brother tried to make a large withdrawal and that is what we think kicked off this whole thing. The real story is that there are five of us in a trading group developing an EA (ruskinator). Four of us live in Redmond, one in Kirkland (city that borders Redmond), and none of us live together.

All in all, this email doesn't make much sense to me due to the poor english, and four out of five of us are suffering large losses due to this account disabling. We just want our money, and we then want to close out our accounts.

Thank you for all your help in advance.


My full balance has been refunded, this issue has been resolved.

No real contact has been established with Figfx they continue to ignore us without presenting any evidence.
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Done some quick research on this company.

FIG Solutions Ltd INC
1521 Concord Pike # 301
Wilmington, DE 19803, USA
Company Reg # 4710069

I was unable to find this company registered with the SEC or under the State of Delaware's business search. Also, most companies registered in Wilmington or DE in gerneral have a 10 digit registration number. The number quoted by FIG is only 7 digits.

Now remember I am in the UK and I am not 100% with US company registrations but this has my alarm bells ringing already.

I think the best thing for you to do at this point is give us some basic information i.e. when did you open your account, what was your initial deposit, what was the method of your deposit, how many withdrawals have you made, what was the method of your withdrawals, what was your account balance at the time they blocked your account, what type of EA is it that you are constructing (i.e. scalping etc.).

After you do this I would also suggest trying to track down this company. I will see what I can find out in Cyprus as they allege they are registered there also Nicosa, Cyprus Reg No. HE-250941.

I hope that you have printed out you complete account history showing your P/L. If this company is truly registered in the USA, and if you have not breached the terms of your contract with them you can raise a civil action for breach of contract on their part, and seek to recover your money that way.

You must first cover the ground work. You can't get money back from a ghost. Also all these promises of 1pip all the time are rubbish. Try to test these brokers, if you dare, with a very tiny balance, and watch their behaviour if you are trading successfully.

let us know how you're getting on with tracking this company down.;)


I stand corrected


File Number: 4710069 Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 07/15/2009
Entity Kind: CORPORATION Entity Type: GENERAL
Residency: DOMESTIC State: DE


Address: 1521 CONCORD PIKE #301
State: DE Postal Code: 19803
Phone: (302)622-3910

I recovered this information regarding FIG Solutions, they are registered in DE. There is a phone number for them listed. I don't know if it works. I will leave it up to you to call them.

Remember what I said in my last post. Collate the facts. If you are telling the truth and have not breached your contract with them then they will either capitulate and give you your money back or you will have to take them to court.

Go through the terms of your contract cross reference that with their allegations, and cross reference their allegation with you activities. You will then come to a solid conclusion on who is wrong and who is right. I highly suggest not trying to bend the truth, as the truth will always rise above subterfuge.

I would start by calling that number. There is additional information available on this company for a fee of $20.00. Follow this link

Search for FIG Solutions.

Keep us updated;)