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Forex Income Engine 2.0 Reviews??

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by magisana, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. magisana

    magisana Private

    Jan 26, 2009
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    Has anyone got this one yet, I noticed that the reviews on the first one aren't so good. Just wondering if this one is any better.
  2. Oyster55

    Oyster55 Recruit

    Jul 16, 2011
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    Forex Income Engine 2.0 (FIE) Review (it's NOT for Beginners!)

    Hi, I purchased this on the 3 payment plan of about $760/mo.
    But that was only after I emailed the maker, Bill Poulos, where
    he verified a new inexperienced trader could use his system
    because there's a Forex beginner DVD video included in the course.

    After I received the course, and about 10 minutes into the
    Ignition method video I knew I was in trouble. To me, it's
    complete gibberish as he talks and explains using terms
    of a highly-experienced trader. Yes, you DO feel confident
    in his expertise, but I am completely lost with this.

    I wrote their support a few times for clarification of some terms
    (eg. I did not know that "bar" and "candle" are the same thing)
    So, the support is 3/5 stars and not 4/5 only because it takes
    more than 24 hours to get a reply.

    There is ALOT of detail going on in the examples, and I feel
    frustrated because I simply cannot follow what he's doing.
    Bill keeps saying "simple" and "easy" in the videos, but
    that makes me feel even more humbled.

    One main issue I have is that the videos are a fixed size and
    you cannot zoom in to (perhaps) get more detail. Everything
    is too tiny IMHO.

    Anyway, I personally have not done ANY trading on Forex.
    I have watched enough videos from others to get the jist of
    how MT4 works for example. I think I expected too much from
    the Beginners video - the level does not match what's needed
    for the actual course material.

    Quality-wise, it is a very professionally designed and packaged
    product. Nothing feels cheap here.

    Okay, so I asked for a refund at the 30 day mark (there's a
    60 day, at least, guarantee.) I was informed that part of the
    guarantee is that he needs to see proof that you traded with
    his system for 10 days consistent, Demo or Real, win or lose.
    However, since I cannot understand his material, I would have
    rely on the signals sent to his provided FIE 2.0 software.
    (which again is professional and high-quality). Only problem is
    I have been cut-off from the signals because of non-payment
    of my second $760 due at day 31. Now I'm stuck. I don't want
    to pay anymore because this is WAY over my readiness level
    and I'm pretty sure I won't be ready even in another 30 days.

    SO, bottom line of my review is make sure you ARE experienced
    at Forex trading, maybe 6 months-ish because this course is
    Mid to Advanced level in my opinion - definitely NOT for beginners.

    I am hoping Bill will come clean and just okay a refund because
    of the mis-step in my initial email. Else, I never would have
    bought this course.

    Edmonton, Canada

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