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Forex Joe Brett Fogle Options University Liars


I am sick, sick, sick and tired of clicking 'unsubscribe' to intelligence-insulting news letters from these people.

Namely a guy by the name of Brett Fogle and another lair he hangs out with by the name of Forex Joe.

BEWARE: These guys write pages and pages of reviews about themselves on line to try to bury anything that mentions they're a scam.

Therefore it would Not Surprise me if they have a half dozen user names right here on FPA to use as TROLLS.

Proven Liars:

They got caught by Ripoff Report.com trying to say that they are 'recommended' by Ripoff report.

Now they're featured on both Ripoff Report.com and Scam.com

Ripoff Report: Options University Brett Fogle Lying About Ripoff Report.com Internet, Florida

Options University Scam.com Liars - The Truth

Here's some exerpts from their advertising. This is how the Liars do it:

"at Options University, we quickly recognized the huge opportunity that the Forex offers

To lead our OU Forex Trader service, we’ve found a world-class Forex trading expert who has… shall we say… an “unusual” background that provided him with a unique set of skills he used to “crack the Forex Code.”

That person is me.

My name is Joe... “Forex Joe”

30-Year Sports Analyst Turned Forex Trading Expert
For over 30 years now, I’ve been a sports-betting “scientist.” Developing highly sophisticated formulas, probability algorithms and statistical analysis programs that have proven to “beat the spread” in just about every sports-betting venue.

I then discovered a certain “mathematical flaw” in Forex trading, which I’d obviously like to keep secret for now. But I believe that this “flaw”, along with the correct use of my proprietary Bias and Key Forex Numbers, will create more millionaires in the next decade than from any other financial opportunity in history.

How To Master Forex Trading in Four Easy Steps
I believe I can teach you this system of mastering the Forex in four simple steps. This system is not available on any other website, book or seminar that we know of. Like I said, as OU Forex Trader, you’ll have access to unique, proprietary information, techniques and strategies known only to a handful of traders in the world…for now.

Yours for extremely successful Forex trading,

Forex Joe

Chief Forex Strategist"
Internet Tricksters

I was sent an email form another scamster that they work with so I goggled for info and turns out Options University has tagged one of their pages with the word "scam" and it comes up as the first "scam" info pages then they can tell you how good they are.

I have not used them but that activity corresponds to what is being said about them here so they most likely are lairs.
These are most likely the same person above, given that they both misspelled 'Lairs'

We served thousands of happy and satisfied people in the above companies, and were nominated to the INC Magazine INC500 list three years in a row.

Boca Raton-Based the Options University Makes 2008 List of Top 500 Privately Held Companies in the U.S. from INC Magazine

It's unfortunate that one or two paranoid and cynical traders above (many are) had nothing better to do than post complaints here.

* We did not post anything false online. Apparently one of our affiliate partners was optimizing their websites using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank well for these words, without our approval or knowledge.

There is nothing of substance above, only negative speculation to hurt our reputation. There was no scam.

We offered the best options and Forex education and software on the market, and have many many positive user testimonials to prove it.

More importantly, see some of the good we did as social entrepreneurs and raising over $121,000 for global charities:

OU Philanthropy also see www.brettfoglephilanthropy.com

Options University was acquired in 2012 and Brett Fogle is now on to a new venture, with a ten year goal to raise $100M for global charities.

You reported one of the posts in this thread and wrote...

"The postings this person has referenced are to websites which will be receiving a lawsuit summons in the next 30 days, as the information posted on these sites is untrue, defamatory, and damaging.

To exclude ForexPeaceArmy.com from being named in the lawsuit, please remove this posting by close of business Friday 29th."

I'm surprised you are now using legal threats to try to remove a post you replied to in 2015. The FPA does not remove traders complaints because of legal threats.

You have until 5 PM New York time on Monday, February 1st, 2016 to permanently and irrevocably lift your threats against the FPA. Otherwise, I will follow the FPA's policies regarding legal threats.