Forex-Metal [Dunboyne Investments] SCAM

Barry Haigh

Forex-Metal [Dunboyne Investments] is a complete SCAM. I made withdraw request on July 8, 2014 and 3 weeks later I am no closer to my money. Company will not load my withdraw money onto my debit MasterCard they issued me. Payments department has confirmed via email to me that they don't know when they can give me my money, but I shouldn't worry about it [yes, I am serious]. Avoid this SCAM FX company as they are now marketing 100% bonus for deposits to attract new victims. I am filing case in Traders Court with documentation and have posted in the review database.
Get screenshots of everything related to your account.

Then, go ahead and email them (at every address you can find for them) an invitation to join this discussion thread.

How did you make your initial deposit?
Please post some of the evidence here in your public thread in Scam Alerts. Make sure to include your Forex-Metal account number so they can't later ask "who is this person complaining?"

Then, send a message to every address you can find for Forex-Metal. Ask them to kindly come here and address your issue.
My account # at Fotrex-Metal is 2256. I have sent them emails every day to the following email addresses;,,,, and I have notified them that case has been filed at FPA and for them to respond with link. Of course, I get no reply whatsoever. Chat reply to anything is simply "your concerns have been forwarded to support and they will respond as soon as possible", AND THEN THEY END THE CHAT. Forex-Metal does not offer chat transcript once the conversation has ended.

I became suspicious of Forex-Metal [FM] in late June when their website continually went down and their phone center went dead. Their response was they notified me of DDOS attack and be patient. Well, they never notified me of anything so I knew they were lying. That prompted me to withdraw most of account on July 8, 2014.

The 2 people I know of at FM are Betty <> and Maritza <> and most of the time it is Maritza who is doing live chat. I also became suspicious of FM when Maritza sent me forms for a "white label" partnership and then told me to send $20,000 to FM for software and equipment. Yea right, I'm going to send you 20K and I don't even know who you are or what safeguards there are to protect me. Just a mad dash for cash.

Everyone can see the 3 attachments I have over in traders court proving what I say. I have posted the daily confirmation staement from July 8, 2014 showing the withdrawal. I have posted transaction history of Mastercard debit card at Heritage Bank where online access to the card is available to show there have been NO deposits. Finally, I have posted the lame response of "" on July 21, 2014 explaining "I shouldn't worry" about my money [yea, right].

Frankly, I don't care that the whole world knows I got scammed by these guys for $2500 and the remaining balance in my account of a few hundred bucks. After 30+ years of trading, and having missed the disasters of MF Global [among others along the way], it should be no surprise that someday this would happen. Having said that though, I don't want to hide behind some handle; I want people to know it happened to a real person with a real account, with real money. I don't want another person to be scammed by these hucksters.
This Traders Court attachments are only visible to a limited number of people for the moment. (Yes, I'm one of them.) When the thread moves to Open Cases, then everyone will be able to see it.

Were you previously discussing white labels, or did this request for $20K just come as a surprise?
what is d update on this case

All, i would like 2 know d update 2 dis case....we use them alot in nigeria because they accept our local currency deposits and withdrawals....but wit so many scam alarts on them, could that be a warning of impending is good for case owners to update if their case has been resolved or not. God bless FPA in their efforts to fight scams
Barry seems to have disappeared.

There's a different Traders Court case against Forex Metal scheduled to go public next week.