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I am a forex novice, looking for an education, in the way of a complete course on the subject. I would appreciate comments from anyone who knows of Stephen Story, and his online forex education programs.


Talked to SS and his whole trading system was on a 50% sale of $7500 !!! "A drop in the bucket" according to him. Oh yeah, he charges another 3% if you use a credit card to purchase his system. What a bargain !!!

I asked him if I could get a screen shot of his trades and he said that he does his trading in the laboratory.

I then asked him for some live trade examples, blotting out his account number, and he said that was personal and confidential. Although all his videos have his "students" make $10,000 a trade, but all in a demo and using 100 lot sizes. One of his videos had him trading a 700 lot size, but it was a demo.

Good Luck !!!


Any feedback about his course Stephen Story

I am now learning the 101 Tidal Wave.
Any feedback about the quality?


Re: Forex Coach
Hey man,

I know how you feel cause there are many scammers out there trying to get your buck!
I do although recommend myFXPERT coaching - Main
They are a bunch of professional traders who teach people how to trade. As you can see in my account statment below they are making me heaps. And by the way I started with $1000 and with the help of myfxpert it's now $5000. I'm really shocked at how damn good and accurate their strategies are!


They have personal email support, live signals, and they teach all their amazing strategies! WOW !! Don't take my word for it though because you can go to the site and sign up!! And see how amazing it is! so it's myFXPERT coaching - Main U MUST SEE THIS! AND AT LEAST TRY IT OUT!

p.s. i'm posting this because like many of you I was searching for the holy grail of trading, this is it for me.... I have been burnt many times by scammers on the net and I wan't to put a stop to it...These guys are good and actually know what they're talking about because they do it as a day job!
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