I bought the EA, the first two trades were two SL's totaling 220 pips. These did not show on their live account stats. First I asked why, I received no reply. I then asked for a refund, as they offer a 30 day refund. Still no reply. I have started a dispute within paypal to get my money back. They are to me simple scammers and liars.

They say on the site that they will respond to queries within 2 hours, its been 2 weeks!! Stay well clear of these guys.

sorry it should be forgot the n somehow. Update is that when I threatened the vendor with opening a case here they finally responed saying I should ask for a refund through regnow. I did that one and a half weeks ago. Needless to say still nothing. I will now open the case here.

Can a forum mod please correct the website address. Thank you
Keep on Regnow for a few more days. If you paid by Credit Card, have a talk with your issuing bank about doing a chargeback.