FPA accused of protecting a broker it already rated as a Scam.


Recovery room scammer
send an mail to XXXXX@gmail.com , i can give you aaoptions.com adress of the offices..

Forums Team Note: Why not post the information here so everyone can benefit?
dear admin , i know that you are in israel , and this forum works for other scam company in israel , why i need to put myself in danger??? do you make to aaoptions treatment of favour?? i can really give the adress , but for sure not here , on PUBLIC!!!

Maybe you work for them , cuz about your ip , you are in ISRAEL

I've never been to Israel. The FPA has no employees in Israel. Your claim to have my IP is a lie.

Please quite lying. I am the same admin who sent a mailout yesterday celebrating the fact that the CFTC is working with international authorities, including the ILS, in order to hunt down scammers. If you read that thread, you'll see those scammers were based in Israel.

If I wanted to help AAOption, why would I want you to post their real address in Israel where all their clients could see it? Instead, I'm the person who dealt with getting 3 Traders Court cases processed, who marked AAOption as a SCAM, and who made all the other special notes publicly posted on the AAOption review page. CLICK HERE if you want to read it.

I'm the same admin who caught a fake law firm trying to post an advertisement in Scam Alerts to lure clients in. I made certain that their website and email was never visible to FPA members. Attempts to scam victims a second time are very common. Maybe you're just from another binary firm planning to offer AAOptions victims a way to "recover" their money. Maybe you are really from AAOptions and are trying to find new ways to distract clients from filing complaints. Your burst of false allegations and lying about my IP reminds me of the sort of thing scammers say when the FPA gets between them and other people's money.

I'm not trying to help AAOptions. I'm trying to get useful information into the hands of as many of their victims as possible. I and the Forums Team are also trying to protect them from people who may be planning to try to scam them again.

You claim that you have their office address, but also claim that publicly posting it will endanger you. This makes no sense. Are you the only person who knows where it is? Can you be sure that someone emailing you isn't an AAOptions employee checking to see if you really have their address?

Stop posting lies and obviously incorrect accusations. If you have the address for the AAOptions office in Israel, post it publicly so it can help as many people as possible.
Antoni, I see 2 possibilities.

1. You are trying to be helpful, but are throwing a silly temper tantrum when you can't instantly get your way. If so, you are only harming yourself and the clients of AAOption.

2. You are involved in some sort of plot to steal more money from those who have already lost to AAOption. If so, blocking you from posting your email address was the best possible decision.

Let me add to AsstMod's questions,

If you posting the address puts you in danger, what's to stop someone else from emailing you, getting the address, and posting it - thus putting you in danger?
dude , the owner of fpa is russian from israel , im living here , i know everyone , dont try to convince people about your fake position dude , you never posted about other scam companys like 24options, 10markets , CUZ THEY PAY YOU , and people dont know , but i know , cuz im living here ISRAEL , land of scammers
Thanks for continuing to spread lies. The owner of the FPA is a Russian living in the USA. If you have evidence instead of a false rumor some idiot started, please post it.

You should also be aware that the owner has put me completely in charge of the forums and reviews. Anyone with 10 brain cells can clearly see that the FPA has been doing everything possible to post warnings about BO companies. If I'm being paid off, can you explain 15 BO companies currently marked as scam? It will be 16 next week. Can you explain all the warnings and 1 star reviews on binary review pages? Can you explain why this article warning against has been stickied since I posted it in 2013?


If the FPA is being paid off to protect binary companies, I and everyone else working here is doing a terrible job of it.

So, why don't you stop protecting AAOption and post the address you claim to have? If you really have it, there's no reason not to post it. Instead, you seem to want to gather up more contact information from people who've been scammed by danging "secret" information about AAOption as a lure. I wonder who you really work for and what you plan to do with that information.
Looks like Antoni99 is running out of lies, both against the FPA and to explain why he wants to keep information that victims need a secret.
There is one more possibility. Antoni99 may be selling information about brokers to victims. The information sold may be true or false, but his anger at not being able to make money this way could explain his baseless accusations against the FPA.

Since his accusations are so wildly untrue, I've moved his posts about this to the Forex Insanity folder. This is a better venue for him to claim that the FPA is trying to help AAOption and other binary brokers. If he starts making sense again, I'll be happy to let him post information on scammers where it belongs - in public threads in the Scam Alerts folder.