Furion Global Trader Scam


Does reporting overseas really helps? I don't wish to have unnecessary troubles, it's been quite a traumatizing experience for me.

Once they've milked you dry, the scammers will do whatever else they can to traumatize you. This is part of their method. They know this will make you less likely to report them to the police and financial regulators.

If no one report scammers, they can scam forever. If everyone reported them and provided good details, most scams would be shut down pretty quickly. In reality, only a limited number of victims report and many of those don't include enough useful information to advance the situation. In some cases, the police or regulators are waiting for one or two final details which will allow them to take action.

Imagine if you have that final piece of the puzzle needed by the police and you don't report it. Do you want to later hear that a close friend or family member fell victim to the exact same group of scammers?

Gather all your information and organize it. Make certain to get all details about how and where you sent your cash. Following the money is often the key to catching the scammers. Provide this to any and all police and regulatory agencies in your country as well as any countries you can link the scammers to.