Furion Global Trader Scam

Does reporting overseas really helps? I don't wish to have unnecessary troubles, it's been quite a traumatizing experience for me.

Once they've milked you dry, the scammers will do whatever else they can to traumatize you. This is part of their method. They know this will make you less likely to report them to the police and financial regulators.

If no one report scammers, they can scam forever. If everyone reported them and provided good details, most scams would be shut down pretty quickly. In reality, only a limited number of victims report and many of those don't include enough useful information to advance the situation. In some cases, the police or regulators are waiting for one or two final details which will allow them to take action.

Imagine if you have that final piece of the puzzle needed by the police and you don't report it. Do you want to later hear that a close friend or family member fell victim to the exact same group of scammers?

Gather all your information and organize it. Make certain to get all details about how and where you sent your cash. Following the money is often the key to catching the scammers. Provide this to any and all police and regulatory agencies in your country as well as any countries you can link the scammers to.
Does reporting overseas really helps? I don't wish to have unnecessary troubles, it's been quite a traumatizing experience for me.

It does help.
Also good if you can share the scammer's bank account, so that others may be aware not to transfer money.
Contact the bank to freeze the money mule bank account.

I reported my case locally and overseas police.
I also called the other scammer's bank to freeze their bank accounts.
Unfortunately, i couldn't file police report in China.

Normally, the bank account owner can be caught, but not the people behind the scams.
Still we should report the cases to the police, to deter other people in allowing their own bank accounts to be used in a scam.

Regardless, they are still part of the scam and should be punished for it.

Good luck !
Hi, I would like to share my story also regarding Furion Global Trader. Blame myself for not consulting my friend before doing trading and my lack of experience in this field.

I met this girl by the name 李雅琪 (pronounced as Li(2) Ya(3) Qi(2)) aka Van (her alias) in Facebook Dating back in March and we started conversation well. 'She' claimed that 'she' was one of DJI shareholder, developing unmanned drones for the company and using Forex Trading as a side income to invest in the company. After that we moved it to WhatsApp and talk to each other about our daily lives, our views, 'her' family tragic story and to the extend that 'she' shared a development rendering of a new drone project, voice talk and even called me. Everything seemed so surreal, never did I know that things start to get from bad to worst.

After 1 week of chatting, 'she' suggested teaching me how to earn more through FEM, being curious and also wanting to learn, I listened to 'her' and open an account at Furion Global Trader, my fault for not doing more research on the company. Put my first USD5K into the account and started trading. 'She' even asked me to withdraw USD88 from the account as 'luck', strengthen my thought that this company is legit. Few days later, 'she' claim that the amount earned is too less and asked me to deposit more money to hit the quota so that I can earn interest from the account while doing trades. Got into a huge argument after 'she' made me borrow money from relatives/parents/siblings to increase my account, obviously I didn't. 'She' just kept asking you to pump in more money in a relentless way. Eventually 'she' gave in.

Few days later, 'she' told me that 'her' uncle is some prominent trader based in US and had inside tips for the market, and urge me to make a deposit again for maximum profit. The catch is, 'she' helped me by depositing USD40k into my account using 'her' own money and bait me to deposit another USD5k into the account, which eventually I did. Trade went well and I added in another USD2K into the account. When I requested for withdrawal, I was apparently denied and the broker said there's suspicious activities in my account and freeze it. This is when I thought things are little suspicious, why could I continue to trade while there's suspicious activities? Eventually the broker gave me a crap reason, saying that because I'm adding monies with different currency into my account, 'they' suspect there's money laundering going on. I was like 'wtf?'. After explaining to 'them', 'they' get back to me that I need to top up another USD6k deposit through my own account in order to unfreeze it. That's when I knew 'Gosh, I got scammed!'. Few days later, a person claimed to be overseas police WhatsApp me on investigating my account for money laundering. By

Some of the tell-tale signs that I failed to pick up:
1) The company actually had various communication channels to top up your account through a local middleman, depending on where you are from. Middleman account will be provided upon initiation of deposit. However, you do not need for withdrawal.

2) While opening an account, they didn't ask about your Investment Risk Profile, which is unusual since all brokers will definitely ask for it. When created, I notice that those questions are automatically set to 'Yes'.

3) Abnormal candlestick reading, some are just ridiculously high and drop suddenly. If you don't compare with the A Book market and inexperience, you wouldn't be able to pick it up. They are running in B Book by the way, so when time is ripe, those scammers eventually deplete your account value using this method.

4) Instant execution. Apparently the broker is so smart by masking all the available choices you can make. However, if you chose other option, let's say you chose Market Execution, the 'Instant Execution' immediately disappeared from the list.

5) 'She' claim that she is from Taiwan, but 'her' number is actually HK country code.

6) Customer service hotline actually dropped me a message on the suspicious activities in my account and failed withdrawal. How the hell they know when in real situation, you are the one supposed to contact them.

7) The need to upload your own identification card to open an account with the broker. I don't know in this case what they'll be doing with my identification, really a bad idea and a red flag.

8) Claimed to be shareholder of DJI, but gave a AVIX technology Inc pdf, both are different company.

These are some of the things I've experienced and also consulted a friend that actually have experience in FEM. In total, I lost SGD18k, almost my entire savings for this expensive lesson. If not for that particular friend that I met up with and explain to me, I would've sink in even deeper. I hope that people can learn from my experience and not commit another silly, naive mistake of mine. This setback is not gonna stop me from touching FEM, but I'm going to pick up some lessons from my friend before venturing into it. I have added pictures of the scammer and also the so called police that is in charge of investigating money laundering case, it's in Chinese but if you require me to explain, I can do a reply. Police and bank report have been made although chances of getting my monies back are slim to none.
Since you are fluent in Chinese, please see the thread below regarding Kill Pig Plate. There is a published manual they use to train their fake customers, fake traders, fake sales managers, etc. Separately if you used MetaTrader for any of the trades then MetaQuotes is also liable for your loss. To answer your question, yes reporting to the authorities helps you as well as future victims.