(FOREX SIGNALS | MANAGED ACCOUNTS | FOREX FUND). They send forex signals, which they do, but they also offer a managed forex account service, and a forex fund in witch they gain 2% a month for you on your invested capital. If you deposited $1000 IN THE PAST (that amount has since risen to $1500) in the forex fund, you receive the signals for free. I invested the $1000 in the past with them. It has grown to an amount of $1319.47 at the date of 24/07/2014. I emailed them several times now for which I have proof to withdraw my full amount, but no response. They ALWAYS replied, but suddenly since my request to withdraw, they do not reply to me. I have tried about 5 or 6 times now. I even have a contract which they send me upon deposit.



Well, unfortunately I can confirm that Guaranteed Pips is dead. I don't think they were a scam, I just think they were mismanaged. I too deposited some money into their Forex Fund to get the free recommendations, and when I didn't see anything from them for a few days, tried to contact them - they're gone. I found this thread while trying to find out what happened to them.

Overall, I had more winners than losers, but the performance started to decline. I could sense that the owner(Dennis Bocker?) was frustrated by the market, and after about 5 straight losers, closed shop.