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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Account no. at 146616 (MT4 platform ) + 50834 ( binary options )
NB: Most important documents included. I can Email you original documents once you ask for them.

I invested my money with a company regulated by CYSEC ( Capitaloption which is a brand name of Trademarker Cyprus Ltd. License Number 151/11 ) which turn to be a scam company that stole from me 1.85 million dollars , the full story with reference to documents follows:

Before starting I would like to mention that I tried to contact the company over the last 3 weeks on the account manager email ( ) [DOC1] who is not responding, and on the [DOC2] who are denying the existence of my account and I have the following proves of my account :-
Emails from dr. Omar Saad ( the account manager) and from his official email at with my accounts details ( binary options account and MT4 account ) [DOC3 + DOC4]
Email from dr. Omar Saad with account statement. [statement-email+ attachment Statement Dr Hani.xlsx]
Skype contact with his secretary Ms. Rana Nasser with my account details [ DOC5 + DOC5- ]
Money transfer (SWIFT) slips from my bank account to Trademarker bank account and VISA transaction to them [ DOC7-8-9-10]
Email from Ms.Rana Nasser with Money withdrawal slip(swift) in response to withdrawal request. [DOC11 , attachment=swift.pdf]+[DOC11-], However that money did not reach my bank account( fake swift slip)

I opened an account over the internet with them after making a good search over the internet and making sure they are regulated by the respected CYSEC organization.
An Arabic speaking Account manager called Omar Saad contacted me and I started investing with them 100000 us dollars .He convinced me that they are expert and will do a managed account for me as a VIP client. He made good profits of around 50% on my Binary options account on (User name:-, account no. 50843 ) which I noticed later has been removed from the system( around a month ago ) [DOC3,DOC2] .He convinced me to open with them a much larger account on the forex MT4 platform, as it is more safe and makes more profits. I made multiple money transfers with a total of 1.85 millions US dollars.They made good profits initially. I made multiple withdrawals which I felt safe to be an affiliate for many of my friends (8 of them who brought other 6 persons, So we are a group of 15 persons each has his own account on MT4)

Last month I noticed that the trades made are mostly against my benefit. So I contacted the account manager Omar Saad who said it's due markets problems and he will recover. He suggested an automated trading (robot) to do the trading, I did not accept nor signed any paper on that regard. Anyway they started it (I did not know initially as they looked like normal trading, after a couple of weeks I noticed that and I told him to stop it as well and trade only manually. He told me that their bank and corporate accounts manager with the name of Andrew Willis will take over my account (Over Skype in Arabic-[ARADOC1] , and for that to occur I have to transfer my funds to another company. After several emails I found that Mr. Willis is just a way to make my stealing look legal because all documents he presented are fake.[DOC 12-13-14-15] . Omar Saad stopped responding again so I contacted his secretary Rana Nasser on skype to give the password for trading and she responded immediately [DOC6].I send Omar an extended email to stop trading at my account [DOC16] . He did except for the automated trading, I did trading on my own and did very good profits and ignored Andrew Willis completely. He insisted to talk to me so I gave him an appointment at 5:00 pm GMT on 21st of aprill 2015 [DOC17]. On the night before that date Omar sent me a skype letter " Send money to Andrew ASAP " (Over Skype in Arabic at 9:00 pm and at 4:30 am he sent me another message in Arabic "I don't want you to lose any dollar, so send your money to Andrew"[ARADOC2] So I did a screenshot of the MT4 Account and send him again an email to stop trading completely including the the automated trading or robot. ( I used that term by name to make sure the message is clear).[DOC18-19-20] Next day I closed all open trades around 10:15 am GMT( 1:15 pm with our local time-GMT+3).

Mr Andrew Willis called me at 2:00pm GMT I told him clearly that I have no intension to transfer my money anywhere and I am happy trading on my own. Immediately after our conversation, my trading password was changed and I could not login. One hour later I remembered that I have a watch only password.I logged in and was shocked as I found that they made many trades to make me loose all of my money.[DOC21-22 and Statement_ 146616 - Hani Alhasan.html] I tried to contact Omar or Rana with no response, Capitaloption denied the existence of an account with them either.

All my friends' accounts (which are all totally managed by Dr.Omar Saad) had the same exact thing ( Once Stop trading email was sent to the accounts manager dr. Omar Saad ; their accounts had many successive losing trades to make the account balance below zero. [Their documents are with them and I can ask them a copy if you like]

I tried to find a solution with company over the last 3 weeks with no response.

After asking experts,I have been told that all our accounts opened with were fake ( Demo accounts on a leased server, clues include absence of withdraw button on MT4 platform, non presence of the server on metaqoute company database and the behavior Dr.Omar Saad and his company chose the trading to look), and they must be trading our money on real accounts without our knowledge just to deceive, mislead and eventually steal our money.

In summary Trademarker Cyprus Ltd company with its brand name and probably by other sister company skyfx committed the following with me
1-They are denying the existence of my accounts with them
2- They are opening fake account MT4 platform (Demo) and deceiving me that this is the real account.
3- They are doing intentional losses on the account (from 4 million equity to 200 thousand)t
4- They don't stop trading when they had the order to
5- They are putting autotrading robot trading without my permission to blame it later for the losing trades.
They might say that I did these trade, but why all other clients had the same?!
And if I have no account with them ,then where is the money I transferred to them.

They are not allowing any money withdrawal from our account over the last 2 months and sending me fake money transfer slip that has never arrived to my bank account.

I need a good lawyer with experience in such cases

I gathered Most evidences in a zip file that is too big for upload here (~21mgyte) If tou give me an email to send it to please.
I uploaded most important docs.
Sincerely yours.
Dr. Hani Alhasan

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Hani Alhasan on 05/09/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 04/21/15 the last contact was on 05/06/15

Details: The account manager is not responding.
The denied the existence of my account before stopping responding totally.

Company representatives' emails: Omar Saad <>
Rana Nase <>
Omar Saad <>



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First, send an email to all the addresses you have for Capital Option. Give them the link to your thread in Scam Alerts and invite them to join that discussion. Don't invite them to the Case thread. It's not publicly visible yet.

Second, if you don't already have a lawyer, you can email Make sure to mention the amount of money involved.

Third, don't place crazy amounts of money with ANY broker without doing a lot more research.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Keeping your Scam Alerts thread and this thread up to date is part of the procedure. Did you take any of the actions Pharaoh suggested in those yet?


Hi Dr Saad contacted me in November 2014 asking me to deposit 25K into my account (I hadn't funded it prior to his call). When I told him I could only deposit 500AUD he hung up and I haven't heard from him since. Thankfully I never deposited any money with them and glad he hasn't called me back. Good luck with your fight.


This is big and bad. That's really a lot of money to lose. You should never put such a lot of money with one broker because you will never know what happens.

You should report this to the authoroties because on many occassions they can follow on your case internationally, and it is a good idea to look for legal advice on this.