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asaf sella

Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: On the August 25th I deposited 10,000$ on my belforfx trading account. After that I had some losses I deposited another 5,000$ on the September 29th and than I started to earn and when my balance reached to 18,000$ I tried to withdraw 8,000 on the October 12th.
From the next day, every day, the representatives (on the live chat): Rose Allen and Steven Hoffman said that the withdrawal was approved and they will send the money soon and it takes between 2-5 days. The money wasn't sent and they don't responses to my mails, on the October 19th Steven Hoffman explained me that the company counts all of its clients' money and they can't send the money until the November 1th.
Between the October 12th to the 19th I kept trading and I earned another 2,000$, my balalnce reached to 20,080$.
On the October 20th I sent a new withdrawal request for all my funds on the trading account (20,080$) from this day they still dont answer my mails or phone calls they even blocked me from the live chat and i dont have any one to speak with.
Belfor is no longer under the FSP regulation and its not regulated at all.
The FSP and the FMA couldn't help me because Belfor is not under their regulation.


New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by asaf sella on 11/10/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 10/12/15 the last contact was on 11/10/15

Details: On the first days the company's representatives told me that the withdrawal approved and it should be transferred between 2-5 days, after a few days that I tried to ask them about the withdrawal status they told me the money will be transfer just on November 1th.
After I submited a new withdrawal request for all the account's funds, they approved that the request recived and from this day they are ignoring all my emails, blocked me from the live chat and not answering phone calls.

Company representatives' emails: clientservices<>
bobby moreno<>




FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I've gone ahead and formally invited BelforFx to your thread in Scam Alerts.

Please post an update sometime on Wednesday if you haven't heard from them by then.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Promised to process the withdrawal at the beginning of November and now it's more than 2 weeks past that date. This now goes to Open Cases.


First a delay, then goes silent after the self-imposed date of processing the withdrawal. GUILTY!


Private, 1st Class
Guilty x 2. This was too much money. Is there any way to track ip-addresses to see actual place/address of origin/office? Also would it be possible to get a list of all regulators on a FPA-site, so we ourselves could see which broker is regulated, and for how long they have been in that jurisdiction?