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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I Made a deposit to Corrfx via Skrill on 17/05/2016 of 664.53 Euros and another deposit on 24/05/2016 of 1544.09 Euros. Total deposit was 2208.62 Euros to . They claimed that they have a EA which scalps with great profits and i and they are a A Book broker with good reputation. After almost a month of investment, I wanted to request for a withdrawal and i asked support via Email whats the proper way to submit my withdrawal request and they said its via email will do, as their backoffice is not used and they claim that their clients do not like it, so they are upgrading it and not using for the meanwhile until it upgraded. So i Requested for a withdrawal on the 21st of June and they said it will take 3-5 working days for my withdrawal to be sent to my skrill account as they have to wire the cash to their Skrill account before they have the funds to send it to my skrill account.

On 28th June, which is more than 5 days later, I asked about why my withdrawal havent been sent to me and i felt really furious and as a result, i posted a 1 star comment in this review. They immediately responded in my email with harsh words and told me because of my posted reviews, there will be a further delay in my withdrawal request again. I demanded for an answer why is my withdrawal delayed without any satisfactory answer but there was no answer to this question. Instead, they said my withdrawal delay will be probably 2 weeks because of my 1 star post review.

They blamed by replying me in my email saying this "Next time don't write malicious reviews. You would have had your money tonight. We will not tolerate that."

I replied "So is this the way your company threaten clients?"

They replied "no threats here, the next time you cause problems, the delay will be longer. "

I replied "It's clearly a threat. If you are legitimate, u will send funds asap, and not withhold clients money just because they are jumpy over not receiving any money or posting comments that u think might not be true.
You are acting this way because your company is not regulated. You are free to take clients funds and not return them. I know that's the risk I have to take when depositing money with you.

But I didn't know I am so unlucky.

I am speechless."

They replied "YOU SHOULD REMAIN SPEECHLESS, THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. We told you by Wed....Every client has rec'd their funds. We are a successful reputable broker. You have given us the first bad review in our history so we are very upset. "

I copy and paste everything exactly the way it is straight from my email and i have evidence to attach to prove that this was indeed said by the support staff at Corrfx thru email.

I even attempted to call their company phone number listed on their website and a female answered the phone, and the moment i asked to check for my withdrawal request, she say she is not in charge of this and hanged up the call without any hesitation at all.

Thereafter 2 days later i requested FPA staff to take down the 1 start review post that i have made on delayed withdrawal problems with corrfx as they wanted me to take down the post and they said as soon as the post is removed, they will send my withdrawal request.

Thereafter taking down the post, they said "Thank you Alvin....I have emailed the accounting dept and asked them to expedite your withdrawal." This reply was on June 30th.

Thereafter hearing no news about my withdrawal request, I emailed corrfx support again and this time they said they do not know the status of my withdrawal and accounting will email me on the status the day after during working hours. I asked for specifically the email for the accounting department, but they wont give and asked me just to wait till the next working day for them to email me on the status of my withdrawal request.

I was indeed at a desperate situation and called forexware to clarify the situation, and they said they only provided the infrastructure and liquidity for corrfx to conduct their business and the deposited money is not with forexware and it is with Corrfx. Lawrence from Forexware sales department promised me that he would give Corrfx a call to help me push the withdrawal as it is delaying way too long.

Thereafter, I had an email from corrfx support when i asked for any updates from the accounting department? They replied "Not yet Alvin...why did you call Forexware???"

I replied "I was trying to get to the accounting department for my account withdrawal. I need the funds urgently. Really. I am begging you please..."

Corrfx replied "Accounting says you will rec. the $2365 USD withdrawal no later than Tues. July 12, they will try sooner but there are holidays and the funds have to come back from Skrill first.....If I were you I wouldn't make anymore calls to anyone, or write anymore reviews. You are making things worse."

I replied "I thought u said my withdrawal will be within 2 to 5 days and latest will be Wednesday this week, and now you are saying latest by 12 july?

So I have to wait another 2 more weeks for my deposited cash to come back to me?

No other choice?"

They replied "It would have been last Tuesday night but your review caused them to delay it. Now they will try to do it sooner than the 12th , read the email. Pls don't contact us anymore until then."

I asked them "Just curious, how did they delay it? Received the funds in skrill but instead of sending it to me, sent it to somewhere else all because of the post in fpa? The delay was done on purpose?"

They had no response on this question.

On July 9th, I asked support thru email "Hi Support,

Has my withdrawal been processed and received yet?

What is the current progress?"

They said "The funds have been sent to Skrill. You will get it next week."

I asked for confirmation on my withdrawal on 12 July "Will I get my withdrawal on 12 july? Or will there be a delay?"

They said "I hope tomorrow, we will check Skrill in the morning and send it right away. Everything was slower this week but we will get this done for you Alvin."

On 12th July, I sent another email

"Hi support,

It's 12 July today.

Are you all going to send my withdrawal to skrill by today?"

They replied "Hi Alvin, sorry for the delay, we expect it to happen today still but Skrill has not confirmed receipt as of yet. We will update you shortly. Thank you."

On 13 July i asked support via email again "Any signs of my withdrawal being sent to me yet?"

They replied "we are checking every half hour. it will be done shortly."

On the same day i asked about my withdrawal for the second time and they replied "Hi Alvin, if it doesnt show in in Skrill soon, we will wire to you or send cash western union."

I said western union would be good. And i asked them what information they needed to send me the funds via western union? And also asked why is it so difficult to send my deposited money? Took 3 weeks and postponed 2 times and now it is going to postponed yet again.

They replied "for western union we just need the city and country. The recent delay was not anticipated."

On 14 July I asked support,

"Hi support,

So i guess my withdrawal will not be coming anymore after waiting for 3 weeks? With 2 promised datelines broken?

If u all have difficulty sending funds, just be honest with me. Dragging things like this is not good for you or me."

If you all have intention to send me my deposited money, show me some proof (transaction slip)"

They replied "You most definitely will be paid. yes we did run into some difficulty with transfer but we certify our promise. No client ever loses their entitled funds with us. I don't have an exact time but it will be very soon. please don't worry."

I replied "I have been waiting 3 weeks. This answer is not acceptable."

They replied "give us 24 hrs to give you a firm time, we need to speak with the bank."

I replied "So you are sending western union or speaking with the bank or sending skrill?"

They replied "exactly, one way there will be a swift resolution Alvin. Ill send you $25 interest too."

I replied "Which way? I don't need the 25 dollars interest. Just give my deposit back to me and we will close the case from here."

They replied "we will know which way tomorrow."

I replied them "Please stop saying that skrill withdrawal is within 48 hours. This is complete bulls***"

They replied "don't start shooting your mouth off again Alvin, you did this to yourself."

I replied "Once more,Thanks for the kind advice. That's deeply appreciated.

Honestly, deep in my heart I know 99.9% my money is gone.

No decent company has ever talked to me this way. It was my mistake to have deposited so much of money with you.

I am just speaking my heartfelt feelings. If you don't mind? It was an expensive lesson. I knew non regulated brokers are very dangerous, but I didn't know my luck was so low.

This is my hard earned money and I will take some time to get over it. I'm sorry I had to say all these. Thanks for hearing me out anyway."

I attempted a last final attempt on asking the status of my withdrawals and this was the reply from corrfx support "First we are sorry if anyone was rude to you. There are alot people who will lose their job at Corrfx for not treating clients better...As far as your withdrawal, I'm afraid your funds were not properly sent to Skrill. I wanted to send by Western Union but we are suppose to return all funds in the same manner we rec'd. This means 2-5 more days. I'm so sorry Alvin but these are the facts."

Final reply to them was "Sorry I cannot accept your answer and this endless delays and excuses."

This conversation was dated up to 15 July 2016.

In my opinion, they are very nice and fast in depositing funds in your MT4 account, but when you start to initiate withdrawals, thats it. It is the beginning of the end of your money.

They are also making use of Forexware LLC to lure customers to deposit funds , making use of their infrastructure and reputation to do all these dirty things. And surprisingly, Forexware staff is not aware of these things happening at all.

I have evidence and proof of what i have typed here and will attach in the scam alert folder to prevent more traders to fall into this trap.

I hope FPA staff will assist me the best they can to help me fight back my hard earned deposit money of 2208.62 Euros.

Thanks FPA for your kind advice too.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Alvin goh on 07/15/16

The company was first contacted about the issue on 06/21/16 the last contact was on 07/15/16

Details: Email Conversation with Corrfx Company are as attached in this report in PDF format for reference.
Attached are also proof of skrill deposit sent to, with evidence of deposit in back office as well as withdrawal request still outstanding since 24/06/2016.
Support staff then advised me thru email that backoffice is no longer used as clients do not prefer it and they will be upgrading the backoffice soon.
Withdrawals in the meantime can only be withdrawn thru requests in email.
Withdrawal was requested on 21st of June thru email as per evidence provided in email attachment.
Email <> was given in live chat on first contact attempt with corrfx but was never used for communicating before. email is frequently used for communication between myself and

Company representatives' emails: Corrfx <>
Elizabeth Parsons <>



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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I've been following your discussion with my Review Moderators. This case is of major concern to the FPA.

I've just send a formal invitation to the company. Let's wait until market open next week to see if they reply or not.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
CorrFx said they wanted to discuss this by email. I've sent an email expressing my concerns over the issue. If I don't see a response soon, this will move to Open Cases.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
FPA member Mrnicecookie and I have been exchanging numerous emails with CorrFx.

Words cannot express my disappointment with this company. The punish a client for leaving a review over a delay, pressure him into removing it (and deny that this is blackmail), promise to pay him, then add more delays and mock him after the review goes down.

From what I can see, the entire company is corrupt and has no plans to ever process the withdrawal.

Under these circumstances, I am not going to require 3 votes. If Mrnicecookie is not paid before the vote on this case is complete, and if the vote comes in as guilty, CorrFx will be labelled as a Scam.

The vote begins next week.


Communicated with Michael Stevenson who is the Vice President of CorrFX and Charles Mady who is the Chief Executive Officer about my withdrawals for a month but never received a dime yet, many promises left broken, datelines broken and no withdrawals received till today.


Private, 1st Class
Any withdrawals must be proceeded automatically with no any delays. Some delays can happen due to human mistakes, but punishment here is unacceptable. Who would deposit to this company after knowing that this is up to them keep or give you back your money.


Private, 1st Class
yes this one is obvious.unless his money is returned IMMEDIATELY there is no choice other than to issue a GUILTY verdict here.


With reference to the most recent attached email conversation with Charles Mady, Michael stevenson and myself, there seems to have another delay. And when i started asking can i have proof of conversation between CorrFX and Paypal, they keep their mouth shut and avoided that topic altogether. Black and white proof without hiding emails or important information like payment status can prove that you are indeed doing what you are doing and not playing delay games behind the clients back. Unless proven otherwise, CorrFX is a complete SCAM that robs clients money without even returning a cent to them. Can the authorities do something about it?

This company was incorporated on 21st March 2016 as shown in the company records here in this link

I deposited via direct skrill deposit on 17 May 2016 and requested for withdrawals with proof of requests as attached in this thread and current withdrawal delays on withdrawal requests since 21st June 2016 till today 14 Aug 2016. Almost hitting 2 months since requested withdrawal.

Please check the attached latest email conversation for more reference on withdrawal delays with CorrFX.


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I think this corrfx people are in business to dupe people. They claim they have never defaulted any of their clients. Let them publish the list of payments made out to clients for the whole forex community to see with concrete evidences. I think they have just commited business suicide. They are a pack of swindlers. Cheating honest folks out of their hard earned cash!!!


"Withdrawals? uhhhhhh that page is still under construction? "users did not like it" - what the hell?

Any so called broker that does not process withdrawals in a timely manner and instead responds with blackmail threats, are nothing but lowdown, corrupt, scam perpetrator(s).
What good is a broker that does not process withdrawals anyway? They are about as useless as edible chicken-flavored shoe liners.

Since this shares it's website with 19 others based in the US, it may be a good idea to bring this to the attention of the CFTC:

It looks like this "" may already be on the run, I got this today while visiting their website:
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