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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: On January 2018 I received a phone call from Joaquin, a worker of InvestMib, he proppose my to start investing with them, usually in forex and methals. since I can start with a small amount and, in addition, the gave me a bonus of 50% of my deposit, I started investing 200€, receiving 100€ in bonus. After that, he puts me in touch with Mia Rivera, who was going to be my personal broker. She called me every one or two days to open new positions and close those in which we were having profits. After one week, I have earned around 50€, so I accepted her porpuse to inivest 500€, this time with a bonus of 500€ (a new special offer). The routin continued in the way for weeks, she calling me, I earning profits and making new deposits and she giving me more bonuses. We oerate throught a trading platform, Meta Trader 5. Since in that platform It appeared clearly the tag "Real", I have no doubt my money was there and my pofits were real (now some people told me it can be manipulated, but i still knowing nothing trully about that). My personal broker preassured me to make new deposits taking advantadge of important international events where they obtained priviledge informations (Davos, Federal Reserve meetings...). During this time, I had no problem for comunicate with her, I sent emails to and she called me as soon as posible or reply my mails. After a while, I had deposited 2100€ and had profits of 1000€ aprox. Then, one day i receive a phone call from Germany and a guy with south american accent told me "A..., don't invest in InvestMib, they haven't got a license, contact Exchange Market Comission". That freeked me out and I sent an email to my broker (trying to not seem strange) and when she called me I told her I wanted to withdraw some money and she said there wasn't any problem, that my money would be in my account at the end of the wwek. At the end of the week, the money were NOT in my account, I tried to contact her by phone and by email with no success. I tried to withdraw money through their web page, but all I had is an email confirming the operation but no money in my account. I tried to contact the company with the same result. I search on the internet and I finded a forum whith many people in my situation. I reported to the police but the officer that attended me had no idea about that kind of crimes so I remained usatisfied. I don´t know what else to do.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by AGeE3 on 05/22/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/31/18 the last contact was on 05/12/18

Details: Company never reply my emails after the suggestion of withdraw money

Company representatives' emails: Mia Rivera <>
Enrique <>
Isabel <>



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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I see you said you've already invited them in your thread. I've just issued the formal FPA invitation. Please report back on Thursday or Friday to let me know if there has been any contact or progress.


I see you said you've already invited them in your thread. I've just issued the formal FPA invitation. Please report back on Thursday or Friday to let me know if there has been any contact or progress.

No contact yet (nor expected)...


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
This is now moving to open cases. Unless there is significant progress, the vote on your case will begin next week.


These bandits are unregulated and operating a fraudulent business on the internet. Data feeds to their platform are manipulated in such a way they can ensure you loose your money _ that is all their website is there for, to take your money using the pretence of live trading to provide a realistic impression they are genuine. They are not! If you funded your account using Credit or Debit cards you may have a valid claim for a chargeback as the service you were purchasing and signed up for was not provided! Guilty!!



My colleagues and I have uncovered yet another 2 scam "brokers" that are linked to the same scam network run by the same people. We have managed to establish links between the 'company' Blonde Bear OU (which owns and operates the 11 "brokers" mentioned previously as well as Black Parrot Limited). I wonder how many more scam "brokers" we will find that are linked to the same scam network? These 2 brokers are: CAC400 and Mib700.

So the updated list of these scam "brokers" which belong to the same scam are:
1) Tradesprime
2) InvestMib
3) ISGXchange
4) Umarkets
5) FxTrade777
6) Vortex Assets (which no longer exists)
7) DAX Markets
8) Tradedax (
9) Trade 111 (
10) Tradex1 (
11) Market GBP (
12) CAC40 (
13) Mib700 (

These 13 "brokers" are all part of the same scam. Whatever you do, you must NOT sign up or pay or single penny. Because:
A) You will never see it again
B) They have all your personal information on file and these criminals have been associated with identify theft in the past
C) You are only helping these criminals last longer than they should (they have been able to last for the past decade)

Below are some links which effectively prove that these scam "brokers" are linked:

Best of Luck everyone. If I find anything new, then I will be sure to post it up here ;)