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Has anyone heard of Bullish Trade (www.bullishtrade.com)

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by njorogeteddy, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. njorogeteddy

    njorogeteddy Recruit

    Nov 20, 2012
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    Hi all,has anyone heard of bullish trade? Seems to good a deal to be true.
  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Wow! BullishTrade.com could be the answer to the USA's economic woes! Let's run the calculations:

    Barrack Obama deposits $5000 in their "advanced pack", which makes 5% a day. Looks like it's not compounded, so he "only" ends up with $15,000 after 40 days. Realizing the potential of eliminating the deficit, President Obama places the $15,000 in for 40 more days, ending up with $45,000.

    But wait, this isn't enough to fix TRILLIONS in debt, is it? Let's keep calculating.

    Day 0. $5000
    Day 40 $15,000
    Day 80 $45,000
    Day 120 $135,000
    Day 160 $405,000
    Day 200 $1,215,000
    Day 240 $3,645,000
    Day 280 $10,935,000
    Day 320 $32,805,000
    Day 360 $98,415,000

    On no! 1 year later and President Obama doesn't even have $100 million. In the meantime, the National Debt has gone up by over 1 Trillion dollars. Is there any hope? Let's have faith and try for another year.

    Day 400 $295,245,000
    Day 440 $885,735,000
    Day 480 $2,657,205,000
    Day 520 $7,971,615,000
    Day 560 $23,914,845,000
    Day 600 $71,744,535,000
    Day 640 $215,233,605,000
    Day 680 $645,700,815,000
    Day 720 $1,937,102,445,000

    Hey, 2 years in and he's got almost 2 Trillion dollars. That almost covers the increase in debt for the last 2 years. Should he pay that off, collect the Nobel Prize in economics, and relax for the last 2 years of his time in office? No, instead he decides to go for another year.

    To save me some typing, let's just keep our years at 360 days (take a vacation for 5 days). That's 9 periods of 40 days, and we triple the balance every 40 days, so we increase it by 19683 times (3 to the 9th power) every year.

    At the end of 3 years, President Obama has turned his initial investment into $38,127,987,424,935,000. That's over 38 quadrillion dollars. President Obama has enough money to pay off the debts of all governments in the world. He has enough left over to end taxation for the next few decades. He would be declared to be the ruler the world, but there's one little problem. Bill Gates also invested in this plan at the same time, but started with $50,000. Mr. Gates now has over $380 quadrillion and uses the money to buy up the entire planet.

    OK, enough for the fantasy. It sounds too good to be true for a very good reason. It is too good to be true. What you are looking at is a HYIP scam. DO NOT place money in any HYIP no matter how tempting it is. If you are lucky enough to make a few dollars, every one of those dollars is stolen from a future investor.

    I wrote an article about this type of criminal enterprise here:


    Say no to HYIPS.

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