Hello FX Friends


To all the SecretForexSociety people who are subscribers, I say "Hello", even those who are not. Hope to see you in LA. in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to meeting Felix and the FX Gang.


First Post

Hello everyone.
I am based in Dorset in the Uk and have been "playing" with spread betting stocks and indices for some years.
Am now trying to be more dedicated and professional and have recently found the FX market and your excellent site "ForexBastards".
\i have done a course with Peter Bain which I consider very good but am still having limited success.
I have, so far, only used my spread betting accounts to trade the FX and have found that the companies I deal with always execute any limit order I have in place for profit taking as soon as they are hit. However on every occasion I have a stop in place to limit my losses they ALWAYS run 2 points over the stop price when closing my trade.
Having read Felix's posts I now appreciate that the companies I use are actually trading against me!! and not quite as customer friendly as they claim to be.
I have just completed the honesty survey and while my experience is not strictly with pure FX dealers I have nevertheless given it a negative.
I am hoping that hard work and Felix's info will help me to progress!!
We'll see....
Many thanks to Felix for al the free and outstanding info'
Any Uk dealers, especially in the Dorset, Blandford Forum area who would like to communicate please get in touch.
Thanks again for the excellent info......