IC Market is scam


IC Market they scam me with my team

George Tue, 10/16/18 01:17:05 pm Africa/Johannesburg

Hello Mulalo Nemaxwi. How may I help you?

Mulalo Nemaxwi 01:17:16 pm

how are u,
how far are guys with my complain

George 01:17:45 pm


Mulalo Nemaxwi 01:18:04 pm

LiveChat conversation transcript: PG0O4FGYEU

George 01:18:28 pm

Our team is checking your ticket and will get back to you as soon as possible via email
Please note such investigations can take 1-2 business days to finish

Mulalo Nemaxwi 01:20:28 pm

Am i the only one who is currently complain regarding this

George 01:22:30 pm

Yes, we did not have any other complaints currently regarding this

Mulalo Nemaxwi 01:24:14 pm

I have so many guys that they complaining regarding this i am so supprise when you say that there is no one who have the same problem

George 01:24:54 pm

Rest assured once we investigated your ticket we will get back to you via email with more information

Mulalo Nemaxwi 01:26:37 pm

but this is taking too long guys and somthing that you can able to see that guys that are on server 10 exprience the same problem that i had

George 01:27:14 pm

Your ticket was created today, please allow some more time

Mulalo Nemaxwi 01:30:22 pm

Please i just join you guys yesterday and things like this happened
and i am so supprised that you are saying that i am the only one who is complaining regarding this . 01:31:41 pm

George 01:31:52 pm

Of course
This is the convestation between me and George from IC market. he said i was the only one who was complain and he was not telling the trueth because they are group of people who had the same problem. This guys they are scam
First of all, what issue are you dealing with?

Secondly, what are you trying to convey here?

Thirdly, I don't seem to get the point behind this issue unless you managed to clarify what has happened.