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Problem InvestTechFx Problems? Post here.

I am having an issue with a company
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The FPA already declared InvestTechFx to be a scam, but the complaints from traders are still coming in.

If ITFX won't process your withdrawals, please post about it here. If you are in the USA, you should also contact the CFTC.


Investtech refusing withdrawal of funds.

I do have a account at Investtech since October 2010. Due to low spreads I chose the account and fundet it with 1000USD. Until today I gained over 8000USD.
Scince August I am trieng to withdraw funds from my account. I asked for a withdrawal of 2000USD. At first I had to send in copies of passport and utility bill with the promise that the amount will be fundet after that. Than nothing happened and nobody answered my mails. Tried to contact them on online support but was several times put off.
Than I was contacted on the telefon and somebody tried to explain to me that i could only get the 2000 USD fundet if I agree to leave the rest of my funds in the account for another 180 days and than I could withdraw the hole amount if I wish. I did not agree to that since I held the account already for almost a year already having payed high amounts of comission (due to the scalper account that I have), and would like to have the possibility to withdraw the funds at any time if I had use for the money.
Than after several telfoncalls with differnt people they send me a withdrawalform for 2000USD that had to be certified still including the passus of keeping the funds for 180 days before I could withdraw the rest. I corrected this to 90 days as a compromise counting from the day it was send ( 13th of October 2011) .
after sending the certified form I waited another 10 days until I got a call again telling me that the form/contract was not valid since I didn`t send it back within 72 hours.
At that time I told them that all I want is a emediate transfer of the 2000USD if they want to keep me as a customer and that they have to agree to my terms otherwise I would stop trading with them.
The person then replied he had to talk to another manager. He so called me back telling me that I had the option to get fundet my 1000USD I put in the account and leave the rest of my money or just not to accept , meaning that I wouldn`t get anything.
I then confronted him that all the complaints posted at diff . blogs , the FPA...proved to be true.
After that the person really got ugly and accused me for illegal trading practics and to be a scammer myself and he would take the case further to the clearing department.
I at that point was speachless and didn´t know how to react to such rudeness, twisting the facts completely and accusing me for earning money with my trading witch is obviously the only reason one would open a account and trade ones invested money at a broker.
The whole case is drawing out since August and I havn`t achieved anything and am totally frustated . I really have been hoping for, that the bad reviews about this broker were wrong and that I at the end would get paid out my funds but as it looks now they are really up to steal my money.
Is there anybody who knows how I can get back my money? Can the FPA run a new case against this broker or at least contact them, put them under pressure.... so that I and others in the same situation can get back there money?
Thank you for any reply.


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Get screenshots of everything about your account before they can erase it.

If you are in the USA, contact the CFTC and IC3.gov immediately.

If you are anywhere else, ask your bank and local police about how to file internet-based financial fraud charges.

No matter where you are, try contacting the Canadian authorities.


The latest from Investtech: I guess this says a lot when a company has to post this for any and all US IP addresses. This was a splash screen that popped up when I went to their site, yes I am in the US.


Le Roux

The FPA already declared InvestTechFx to be a scam, but the complaints from traders are still coming in.

If ITFX won't process your withdrawals, please post about it here. If you are in the USA, you should also contact the CFTC.

If only people could read - amazing!!! In hind sight they might say “I wish I red FPA”


He trabajdo mas de 1 año con investtechFX.
He solicitado mi dinero y no me lo han dado.
Se han quedado con mi capital inicial y con todas mis ganancias.
Me han amenazado si les ponia en forexpeacearmy.
Tengo todos los historiales de mi tradeo.
Me han borrado negocios de mi cuenta real.
Me hicieron firmar un contrato para tenerme trabajando para ellos 1 año y ahora no me pagan.
Me obligaron a trabajar de una VPS.
Eso y muchas cosas mas.
Quien quiera saber como funciona esta empresa estafadora yo les puedo explicar al detalle como son y como estafan.


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I opened a VIP (live) account with ITFX in August 2010. At the time they were one of the ZuluTrade preferred brokers.
I have been trading with them with limited success.
March 13 2012 I sent them a withdrawal request for the first time.
In the meantime I have sent them 5 more e-mails, reminding them of my withdrawal request, but until now I have not received any money.
After numerous e-mail from me they don't seem to have the intention to send me my money.
I'm not a US citizen and I am not living in Canada. What can I do ?

Ps. I read somewhere they are currently under investigation !? By who ? Can I contact them ?

Kind regards, BackSpace


Totally frustrated!!!! I guesse money is gone $4000 . I worked so hard to fund my account. Studied enless hours to learn this trade. And to get set back by these bastards. Hope they go to jail. Good thing is I will servive and continue on. I have learned and am now wiser..Investtechfx are SCAM!! SCAM!! SCAM!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ONE CENT OR A SECOND THOUGHT NO MATTER WHAT THAY POST ON THERE WEBSITE!!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!!!!you have been warned fellow traders..thay are wonderfull till you make profit and want to withdraw your profits.!!!! thank you FPA for letting me post here and warn fellow traders...
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