IQ Option CPA program is a Scam


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Apologies for the delay on the answer to this thread, happy that we have bumped to it so we could give the information of the situation.

Miss or Mr renataoliveira unfortunately have registered on our CPA Affiliate platform with not the best intentions, to overcome our system and to be paid for the self deposits that were made using VPN services on IQ Option trading platform.
Not to mention that we were still asking to provide us with the traffic sources, to prove that the conversions that were made are unique and not self made, unfortunately non was provided affiliate was not cooperating.
If affiliates are cooperating and sending all requested information we pay them- either full payout if proved that affiliate was not committing fraudulent act, either all deposit sum that traders have invested in the system if we see that affiliate have violated some of our terms and conditions.

If you have any more questions or complains about CPA affiliate program, we will be happy to answer them all!

Hello scammers, you say that i used vpn but you can prove it, iq option always ban the affiliates on the payday just to stole the money


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I'm very surprised that this binary options broker has not been labeled as a scam yet. Have not seen a single binary options firm that was not a scam (except NadEx and one other one, both regulated in USA I think).

Affiliate/commission programs are supposed to be such that the affiliate either qualifies for the commission or they do not. All this additional rules and claims that affiliate/trader violated some vague and/or obscure terms and conditions just proves that the original affiliate offering (and likely the underlying product also) is indeed a scam also.


But to the OP @renataoliveira I must also say that there are no honor among thieves. So think about the company you are working for and who you referred your clients to. If they did this to you, imagine how they might treat your referrals???

You have to be careful about the products that you sell/refer to other people. Often times this step is overlooked by both affiliates and traders, and is subsequently the #1 reason the scam alerts folder has new activity nearly every day of the year.
Hello scammers, you say that i used vpn but you can prove it, iq option always ban the affiliates on the payday just to stole the money
@renataoliveira can you formally invite the company to this thread please? Follow these instructions all the way:

Also if you have any account statements, affiliate agreement, screenshots, etc showing referrals and amount due, please attach them here.

How much total in commissions are you owed? And can you summarize how the commission structure works



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Sometimes we have to give a minimum credibility fee to these brokers. Even more when claiming is free.
I belong to the skeptics in front of Iq, but when the person who complains does not respond to this evermaat request ...
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Did you try contacting them?
I see this broker's ads everywhere!

Very surprising to see how popular a broker from Seychelles is only offering a web based platform and limited services.
i think they use seychelles as an offshore country to tax reasons. like many other companies who register in offshore countries like anguilla etc.. recently, if you follow the case of lee elbaz, you will also see how they used mauritius as an offshore place and also for operations.