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Info Is ADVPIC a legitimate company?

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Whenever I receive an email into my spam folder they are generally ignored. However, one did catch my attention. It was from Henri Aubert <henri.aubert@advpic.eu> of the 'Association for the Defence of Victims of Investment and Cryptocurrency Platforms' (ADVICP). https://advpic.eu/en/ There were two attachments in the email, a GDPR consent form and a Victims form. Both of these forms are available on their website.

The text in the email was as follows:-
Wish you a good day. I just wanted to remind you to fill out forms attached in my previous email or which can be found on the ADVPIC website in the reports section. I will also re-attach them here in case my previous email is lost. Please take 5 minutes of your time to fill out the GDPR and Victimes Form and email it back to me or ADVPIC Support/Contact email. It will be a great help to our lawyers in the upcoming court case in Germany, in November against Grandefex, Libramarkets and Uprofx. I will mention again that it is free, we are only looking for evidence from victims of these criminal organizations. I hope you will join us and other victims in this class action. Thank you and again wish you a good day.
Looking at their website everything looks genuine and honest. Also, the lawyers they use, when you look them up on the web they all appear to be genuine companies.

Having been scammed by Libra Markets, I am now ultra cautious of anything like this. But I considered I have nothing to lose by returning a couple of forms and waiting to see what the outcome is. After submitting the forms I received this back from Henri Aubert: -
Dear Brian Hay
Thank you for filling out forms. I am forwarding them to the lawyers who are dealing with this case. Within 1-2 weeks time you will be contacted by one of the lawyers to sign "Power of Attorney" form, which will give ADVPIC lawyers approval from your side to use these forms as evidence on upcoming court trial. Thank you for joining us and other victims to fight for justice in the upcoming court case. Those criminals will be brought to justice without any doubt. Compensation is something that can happen if the court and judge decide so. This is exactly why we are trying to collect as much evidence and forms from victims as possible, for getting the best outcome from this court case. We will be updating you with any news regarding this case. Thank you again and wish you a good rest of the day Sir.

So far there has not been any contact from the Lawyers.

What is your opinion is of this? Anyone else heard of this association?