Is Zoomtrader a Scam?YES


Let's start with the loss of trust and credibility from Zoomtrader;

First, Into my account simply could not operate. I've got only one option trader (Option turbo) and this option should be handled by Zoomtrader. (Following below, a link with the same problem I spent):

How could not operate on my account ask for to be closed. Then started other problem with Zoomtrader. In my account I had more a less
US$3, 400.I had requested at 11.10.2014 and received just US$576, 00. My Account Manager, Jorge Albuquerque, said "Your money will send to account today (11.13.2014), your account (ZT) was deleted. My account has been deleted and more than half of the missing values at the moment nobody answers my email. Before opening this complaint, I tried several times one resolution, unsuccessful.

I would ask the FPA for a solution to be opened on this problem.

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Be careful with Zoomtrader.
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How much did you deposit?

How did you deposit?

Was there a bonus of any sort applied to your account?
I didn’t have any bonus,I know this sounds like a weird, but is true,I have not yet received all my money back.I have print screen my account (ZT)if need.I had in my account USS2800,00 and received just USS576,00. This a big problem if received nothing,perhaps could be bonus but it wasn’t.
I´m deeply grateful for your help.I not found any support from Zoomtrader,but i still looking for.

Following below, my deposit:

Initial deposit - US$480,00 November/2013

Deposit - US$200,00 March/2014

Deposit - US$160,00 April/2014

Deposit - US$2200,00 July/2014

Following below,my withdrawals(from Skrill):

10/09/2014 11:24 Recibido Viral Maniacs s.r.o. Procesado 0.00 +1312.00
ID de transacción: 1245176080

23/10/2014 11:21 Recibido ADB LIMITED Procesado 0.00 +1206.00
ID de transacción: 1281377166

18/11/2014 13:41 Recibido ADB LIMITED Procesado 0.00 +576.00
ID de transacción: 1304719485

Following withdrawals, i had into my account US$2800,00 there is a big problem,where does that money really go?

I have never thought for this situation.In the information age,there's still brokers like this.No doubt them will losing customers because US$2800,00?
I don't understand!!

One thing is true: while they;lie, cheat, and steal;I can foresee three large obstacles which will stand in the way of finding solutions.

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