Moneybookers & others E-Currencies


Mr. Administrator, 6 months ago, deposit money into an account at prime4x, after a long battle for my money back, prime4x returned my money via moneybookers, but, oh surprise!, after receiving the money from my account prime4x, moneybookers lock my account! with 3967 dollars in it.
I am claiming to moneybookers to return my money, but do not answer or give explanations about what happened.
Like people asks you, sir : FPA may create a category of thread for all electronic currencies like moneybookers, Alerpay , liberty reserve, webmoney and many others that are floating around, so that the common people inform us their behavior with clients. ??? If fpa has created this wonderful tool and method of reporting the brokers, I think it is also extremely useful information on electronic purses too.
After what happened to me, searching google, I found hundreds of pages on how moneybookers gets the money from people and does not return, as it should be, but nothing found here in FPA!
Please help us and help so many people place their trust in unscrupulous people as moneybookers, if people band together to pressure, is the only way to fight these vermin computer science, comparable to that instead of hackers stealing information, rob directly people's money.
From already thank you, and encourage all who read this comment, to ask FPA, the creation of a subforum or something, to address this sensitive issue of electronic purses and exchangers.


It would be interesting for people to rate the payment processors they use such as MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, and WebMoney. Which is best? I don't know the pros and cons of each yet.


Moneybookers is terrible. The exchange rate means that it cost me 15 Euro to put 1000 USD in my account. When I closed the account and try and withdraw they say they cant validate my address and need to send a letter. I am registered on the UK electoroll and have my current bank account there - yet 'an independent uk information source' well maybe they should change that source. Just a delaying tactic now I have to wait till they send a letter 3-4 days, then verify it with the code and then they will process my withdrawal. Not a scam but very bad service - don't use them if you can use something else.