My funds gone from my OptionsXO account

Steven Fielke

I have recently been duped by a 'broker' with the binary options 'company', OptionsXO. I had deposited over a number of months a princely sum to my account, however my first broker apparently was sacked and was replaced by someone who I class as a criminal. His only interest, when phoning me each and every time, was to ask me to deposit more funds for 'insurance' on trades which might lose. I explained that I needed to see that I could withdraw what I had put in before I was willing to add more to the account. I was not permitted to make any withdrawals because of bonuses which were not fully wagered. He has also taken upon himself to trade for me without my permission for which I had strongly protested. This included buying/selling 3 currencies pairs using all that I had in my account. After our most recent phone call when I yet again refused to deposit more funds, he used the whole amount in my account, again, to lose 3 trades in 30 minutes, giving me a balance of zero.

I have read a number of reviews that OptionsXO is a complete scam.
I have attached a screenshot of part of a Skype message with this person, 'Patrick Green'.

I wonder if there is any recourse.


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I agree criminals. File complaints with everyone you can in the UK and where you are and seek charge backs through your bank. Good luck.
Get in touch with the fraud department at you card's issuing bank right away. Explain exactly what is happening and ask if a chargeback on any or all of the deposits is an option.

Don't delay. There are deadlines.