My issue with


Original FPA Traders Court Submission by Dr: KHALID A:

My Binary Book Account Number: #120866 )

This is my worst scam story with
Starting: I opened an account with : Sat, May 23, 2015 at 12:12 AM

Deposit: I have deposited 1000$ into binarybook, using Debit Card NETELLER ( Not Wallet ) as following :
  • 23:14 22/05/15: 250$
  • 23:20 22/05/15: 250$
  • 14:26 25/05/15: 500$
14:32 25/05/15: Credited BONUS (50%) = 500$
Then my card used for deposit was expired, neteller has issued a New Card sent to my home, this card is valid until May, 2018 and new CCV code but has the Same 16 Numbers (Not Changed = Same account)

i got Call from my Manager Ask me to Update my card because the first one is expired, the solution suggested is to make new deposit with the New Card, so i made a new deposit again with 250$

  • 13:05 17/06/15: 250$
Then i Got too many calls that disturb me, and force me to enter fast on signal from the manager, is really disturb, i can't sleep, i can't stay calm drinking a coffee or stay with friends, i have not the time to focus.

Cons: I signed Agreement to manage my Account on my Be-half ( OMAR ALAMINE ), this manager open trades with the All money in my account for long terms ( 3 and 4 months ), first actions really not Bad, my account hit 2400$ as i remember include the bonus ( screenshot )

Next Months : he opened new orders with BIG amount of my wallet 1848$ ( Bad Management Screenshot), a losed position sold by Him before expiry to save : $679.40 , money re-invested to make some profits, the Performance become very Bad ( no care ).

Withdraw Canceled:

On 02/09/15 : i asked a withdraw = $1848.00 , this withdraw was canceled because it include the Bonus added to my account on deposit, so i have deduced the bonus amount (500$ ) and requested withdraw the same day : 02/09/15 after few hours with the following amount : $1348.00

  • Result: Withdraw Canceled again with no reason

The manager continued using my Account by opening orders without STOP, so not allowed to withdraw, i smell scam trap here, why the company ignore my requests, each call they need more money, i waited until orders expire to request withdraw again.

After 1 Year :
Position on NASDAQ expire on 30/06/2016, just 1 Minute after expiry as WON position, i anticipated the Manager to prevent opening new positions by asking New withdraw request : 30/06/2016 Amount = 1750$

One Day before: i have sent Emails to Support , Account Manager and Compliance asking to Stop trading on my account and Cancel Management contract and stop opening news positions after the position #2875995 expire .

Reply From Support:


Look What Happened :

SCAM Alert : Some one has Canceled the Withdraw Again without any notice to me


SCAM confirmed: The same day New Positions Opened on my Account !


The Manager : OMAR ALAMINE , called me to notify me that he opened new positions, but i told him that i have requested to Withdraw all my money, he promised me to arrange the problem and cancel these positions to get my money Back to balance ...

Months after months trying to Get solutions but, I found Myself Forced to Wait until positions expire, so i changed my Password, i revoked the Manager and i requested to STOP all management on my account, here i recovered 1 Position WON , so i recovered my money in balance and i managed my account by myself some days.

each time i request Withdtaw, they refuse to pay me, I have contacted them by phone, Fax, Emails, but no Reply, they never called me to solve the problem, they said that my card not accept withdraw, i requested withdraw to My Bank Account via IBAN / SWIFT , they said that money must be withdrawed to same card, when i ask to proceed withdraw, the schedule a call with the Financial Specialist but i never get call to my phone .

Each day i receive email from Account Manager : Ellen Wright ,
that my phone numbers not correct and withdraw cancelled each time, i contacted her through skype But it ignores my messages, and argue that she has not the time for me because she trade on the American elections .


Details: Until now, i didn't get any Reply, always i got my Withdraw request Canceled.

I was a victim of these Persons who sewing fraud operations on

Ellen Wright : Account Manager
OMAR ALAMINE : Expert Trader Manager
Hans Adler : BinaryBook Finance Department

BEWARE Compliance / Support / Financial Experts Listed Below

Kate McKenzie
: Scam
Rose Summers : Scam
Jane Tyler : Scam
Tasha Peterson : Scam
Charles Barry : Scam
Neil Fearon : Scam
Hans Adler : Scam
Tiana Blade: Scam
Andy Rollins : Scam
Carl Ambrose : Scam
Wayne Bellamy: Scam

Any Needed info, i will be ready to Joint All Attachments: 3 Fax Confirmed sent in Attachment



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NOTE: When i registered the first time, registration was done via SCAM Robot as automated trading, losing system made by affiliate scammer from Israel , i stopped the robot the same day.

When the Compliance Department called me the first time i joined the company, i asked if binarybook regulated or No, they said that they have FCA license in United Kingdom, and company operate from London and Bulgaria, and they have offices in australia and Bahrain but All are Fake.

No FCA, No Cysec License : Company conduct Forex & Binary operation behind the eyes of regulatory bodies of Finance like dealing in Black markets.

They will never Allow you to Withdraw your Money, certainly if they Apply a Bonus to your account, they will own your money with this bonus ( this bonus is Like a grain of salt, which dissolve your water ), they swing a good terms to scam you .
Debit cards can be charged back. Contact the issuing bank.

I have contacted Neteller to Get Charge Back today.
  • i sent this CASE Link to invite Binarybook to reply to this case, i got the following funny Reply :
Rose Summers 03:38:06 pm : As you may be aware, everyone has access to internet nowadays. They are free to write anything. We have a lot of competitors. They can write reviews about us.
  • Then, i told him that I'm the person that filled this complaint not someone else.
  • I asked callback, reply, no reply at All ....
I promise 50% Donated to FPA Forum, If invite them to this Court and get back my money from them, refund or withdraw my money :

Account Manager: Ellen Wright

Finance Department that reject Withdraw:
Rose Summers 03:38:06 pm : As you may be aware, everyone has access to internet nowadays. They are free to write anything. We have a lot of competitors. They can write reviews about us.

It's such a funny message and seems they don't care about bad feedback on internet. good job!
Pretend for a moment that there were 1 billion fake complaints about Binary Book. Even if this bizarre scenario were true, it does not invalidate your complaint. For some reason, scammers like to "prove" that complaints are fake because there may be a few fakes and they may have some happy customers (who haven't tried to withdraw yet). Tell them you are a real client with a real problem, and if they are not a scam, they need to pay you your money now.

Good luck with the Neteller. Also, get in touch with the debit card's issuing bank.
Finally i My Reply in : 2017


Analysis :

They Refuse withdraw because they gived me a Bonus 500$
Read Message Above , Terms is 60 times for each 1$ of bonus

That mean : for 500$ , i must trade 30,000 Position to be able to withdraw my money.
Market is open 20 days per month , that mean i must place 1500 positions daily to be able to withdraw ! , so min position 5$ that mean i need 7500$ in my balance to open 1500 position daily

Experts, is that fair ?
it's Clear that Binarybook is Scam Broker .
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Bonus terms are specifically designed to keep money from being withdraw, especially binary bonus terms.

Technically, they aren't saying 30,000 positions. They are saying you must place $30,000 worth of wagers with them. Considering that binaries pay far less for wins than they take on losses, the odds of you being able to do this and end even at break even are incredibly low.