News Trading


Dear Felix,

Your daily news briefings are extremely useful. I feel as though I am really learning. Everyone should use your service.

Sincerely, Randy Brown
Non Spike News trading Starergies

Hi PPl,

Do youll have any non spike news trading startergies? I have a few, specially 1 that revolves around non performing fundamental news releases such as trade balances, TIC etc, I have limit orders to Buy Bellow and Sell above the price , no mater how big the deviation the price alsomost allways just spikes and then totally reveses, even if the spike is in the diretion of the trend it spikes and at least retraces back to close to the pre release price.

I use the SNW to place Limit orders opposite to the Spike and have made some money doing this...

I am hoping if ppl have other startergies, such as placesing trades before the news realease etc ....