PLEASE guys READ my COURT ORDER against IronFX and help me!!


I am trying to get justice guys! Please all the support and help is fully needed!! Please read this Motion Record and Court Order and help me out!


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Looked good up until I saw the address of the defendant.

You are in the USA! Do you think he is going to get on a plane and fly over to you to possibly lose $250,000?

Lodge in Cyprus? You would have to prove your loss. It is not American Law.

Go to court and the blood sucking lawyers will just take what money you have left.
Isn't it sad that you are so right! They won't fly here to defend themselves so I'm stuck! I mean why not at least apologize to me, say you terminated the guys contact responsible, know what I mean? They simply don't care and that's the problem with these brokers, they put on this great front on how they have great customer service but in reality they just want that spread and commission that's all, who cares about the clients after that....very disappointed.
If you can get a court order in the US, there might be a way to file a civil suit in Cyprus to enforce it. How to do this, how expensive it will be, and what the odds of success are would all be good questions to discuss with your lawyer.
its like the first time that Im actually looking at an official court order, I hope things will work fine for you, pls keep us posted, but as what pharaoh said, it would be best to file it in the US.. but still best of luck man!
It actually appears to be a court case filing, not a court order. The case isn't going to be heard until August.

Why did you file in Toronto instead of the USA?
man, its a hassle really, but its quite an amount, so does it mean that only in august will we know if its a case or not? :(
That's always been an issue. Someone comes in, makes a very interesting post, then never returns to leave an update. :mad: