Prime4x deposit scam

Desmond Gabriel

This broker (Prime4x) is either very lousy or they are a scam. I transferred $450 to my account and for more than 13 working days it is yet to reflect in my account. I have made several attempt to sort this issue even providing them with the TT and reference number for the transfer from my bank an all they keep telling me is that they have not received the funds.

They claim it takes 2-4 working days for the funds to be received and reflect in my account but even as I post this, it is yet to be in my account.

This morning I sent a mail (my 5th) to the accountant explaining my bitterness and frustration but it's been more than 5 hours and I have not heard anything from them.

Please help me here. I was referred to them by Zulutrade and now I am in a mess. They are even rated with 3 stars in FPA, when I think they are either a scam or don't even deserve a star.


Ask your bank to trace the transfer. That should prove if the money really made it or not.

Desmond Gabriel

I have already instructed my bank to do a tracer and they did. They sent me the TT and reference number for the transfer to Hellenic Bank (Banker to Prime4x LLC), showing the funds are already with Hellenic Bank. I have submitted all this proof to the accountant of Prime4x LLC and they are still insisting that they haven't received the money. I can forward to you our correspondence including the mail, TT and reference number for the transfer from my bank.

The facts are glaring. I asked them to give me proof from Hellenic bank denying receipt of the funds and they backed out, saying they will contact me when they verify with their bank. That was last week. 3 days ago they sent me the same response. Since then, I have not heard heard anything from them and when I go online to chat with any of their representative on this issue, they just put me on hold.

I have exhausted everything I know to try and reasonably sort this out but I still get ignored and get the same reply.

FPA, please help me.

Rachael Gabriel

joe adams

Prime4x Representative - The FPA has confirmed a s
Gabriel Please give me your account number and the amount that you wired in order to track it for you and solve your problem in less than 24 H


I can testify that mr. Joe Adams of Prime4x is willing and able to solve this kind of issue. That's what he did for me!

So far, I have been able to trace that in my case the Comments in which I wrote my User name en Account number, did not become visible to Prime4x. That way it is difficult for them to allocate the money. One can only criticise them (the Accountants department) for not actively tracing your money after you asked them.


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help me Mr Joe Adams

Mr Joe Adams,I would be grateful if you can help me,I'm Ebrahim Mohammad Zadee and my A/C number is 33044 and I sent my withdrawal request 4 month ago,they said me first your account must be verified and after verification they always said to me this withdrawal will be done soone