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Problem Problems with CITRADES

I am having an issue with a company


Guys, Im trading at Citrades. Recently because I need money so urgent, I request to withdraw my money. I thought I just withdrew sometime then will deposit back and invest seriously but, I have requested on around 22/3 but until now, this broker does not reply anything.

I have tried to contact their support many times but no answer.


Please help me to get my money back. I need this urgent.
Hello fellows,I will like to share some important information about the partners of Citrades.com that may help you to get your funds back one of the partner who take care of all the SEO of the website and hide the negative comments of the website from Google so they can steal more funds is Mr.Cody B. This guy Cody is a Technical Expert and do take care of hiding IPs, Switching Servers of the company etc...4Most LLC is the company of Cody B.,where he hides all the work and takes all the payments
thanks for sharing, i wounder if he ever got his money back, though it seems the chances are slim.
Is it possible to sign a petition using FPA site?
This would help a lot expediting our efforts

A petition lets victims (and non-victims) sign their names while providing no evidence. Regulators and law enforcement agencies can't take action based on a petition.

If every victim were to file with econsumer.gov - Your site for cross-border complaints. as well as the regulators in their own countries, that would have a much better chance of putting an end to scam operations.