1. S

    CiTrades scam

    I have opened an account with in the beginning of April 2016. The representative Jason Grenada had emailed me for over a year once a month asking if I still wanted to try the auto trade system. I did not have the funds at the time. Finally he called again and I had the...
  2. C

    Can't withdraw from

    I am new to all this but I have been scammed I guess. I was introduced to CITrades by an associate of mine. I followed his lead and now, sad to say, am getting the run around on making a withdrawal from my account. It's a shame that people like this exist and have not been stopped, They are...
  3. B

    CiTrades - Managed Account Scam

    The first couple of weeks, I only had praise for CiTrades. I invested a large sum of money in a VIP managed account and my account manager Kevin Hall was doing an amazing job, giving me over a 100% return on my investment in a couple of months. Over the last couple of weeks he has been telling...
  4. Mhotak

    Over a year ago, I invested $300 in a binary option investment software after watching an opt-in video. The software automatically downloaded on my laptop. It was to show signals, so I could begin making money. I tried it for the dirst couple of hours and I won a few trades and lost a couple...
  5. N


    I am one of Citrades clients who opened a binary managed trading account with CITRADES in July 2014 with $10,00O and took a bonus of 15,000 which was to make a X 30 ($450,000 volume) turnover before I could be allowed to withdraw the funds. Somewhere along the line I observed that some bonuses...
  6. Hakon

    AutoBinaryTrading Tradescapital and CItrades are Scam

    Look out for AutoBinaryTrading they useing Tradescapital and CI Trades as brooker, In the webpage all look ok. Separate traders how the suppose too trade even have open data hoe they trade, Also have a robot with good result. The real truth are you can never get the robot. They will trade with...
  7. S

    Citrades problems returning my cash

    In june 2015, I opened an account and accepted to take 'insured trades'. I stressed to the contact that I would not accept any bonus of which they agreed. We agreed to a 12 week trial so I could see how they traded, after only making a handful of trades over the 12 week trial I asked to stop...
  8. G - SCAM

    I have a withdrawal request in pending from about 2 weeks , and they do not aprove me without any explication . I tried contact them emails and live chat but they ignore me , and no answer...I do not what to do...
  9. K

    Citrades is trying to ignore me,

    Can anyone help me? They have 33,333.33(yes, that's the real balance) the number for U.S. is fake. Any advice?
  10. A


    Since, Citrades (operating under their parent name Triple S LTD), there’s so much that has happened, I just don’t know how I can make this short, but I’ll do my best. On the other hand, I’m afraid to contact anyone because their contract states I have no rights to share any information with any...
  11. B won't process my withdrawal

    Any suggestions to recover the remainder of my balance in CiTrades? No one is answering my messages or contact page, or chat. Account Manager Julio Cesar <> and Alejandro Cardenas <>, Martha Smith <>, Emily Cooper...
  12. J

    Citrades scam

    I made a 5000 USD deposit with citrades autotrading account in April of 2016. Currently August2016 I have had no contact with the company for at least 60 days. Two months back I froze my account at roughly $7800 due to a couple bad trading weeks. I have asked the company several times for just a...
  13. T

    vip-cititrader scam

    The worst!!! False advertising, Lied about bonus Pay back terms, Lost %85 of my investment, won't allow ANY withdrawal, won't accept any communication from me. $12,000 lost.
  14. M

    stolen funds out of account -citrades

    Josh howard was my account mgr. He made a risk free trade on 6.29.15, with my money, after positions closed you never put money back into my citrades account, I've been Emailing and calling, never respond. Then I talked to sam Williams, manager, he said they were going to do a ip...
  15. hoover

    RE-spelling of CiTitrader's company name; again

    CiTitrader seems to be changing the spelling of their name to citrader. Brevspand also goes by the new spelling BREVSPADNZ LIMITED. Cittrader says they are registered under Brevspand EOOD (Ltd) if you were to ask one of their employees or brokers. When communicating with them they always seem to...
  16. G

    NOT Resolved - CiTrades

    Hi I'm new to this website, I was contacted by Henry Yorke from the above who informed me if I deposited my money by the next day I could profit up to £600.00 on the non farm payroll trade, I deposited £3000 on the basis that I would follow auto trading binary system who recommended CiTrades, He...
  17. D

    citrades warning

    i have opened a case against citrades, i had 2 contracts with them, that were not honoured, and i did not get money back that the contract said that i would, doug marshall
  18. C

    GUILTY Case# 2015-066 | c012773 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have a guaranteed VIP account with The account is guaranteed against loss of principal and has a guaranteed interest payment of 6.75% per month. The contract is for 6...
  19. C

    Hello all, I have a guaranteed VIP account with The account is guaranteed against loss of principal and has a guaranteed interest payment of 6.75% per month. The signed contract is for 6 months. At the end of 6 months I can do whatever I want to do with my money. (Purchase...
  20. B

    Resolved - Scam Binary options Broker

    I have account at Citrades from more than 4 months, the account Manager named Josh Howard set me up. He made me deposit $3000 and told me that a good trader will manage my account make money for me but instead some robot system traded my account bought the account to 1800$ so i requested the...