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I just started a new account, on December 30th 2013, with because they had a 150% festive bonus for all new accounts. So I deposited $200 and they gave me $300 credit.

At the start I couldn't use the account on mt4 or on their webtrader, so I made contact by e-mail and after a long day, I got mt4 working but still not their webtrader.
December 30th I was trading as normal, made a bit of money, morning of 31st I got a price alert so wanted to close my GBPUSD trade around the 1.348 mark, trading was "disabled" as mt4 said. I now couldn't close my trades, or open new ones and the prices and my balance all stopped updating, my balance was stuck on $7 (just for clarification, I am using 3 mt4 accounts and the other 2 were working fine). I e-mailed them twice on the 31st no reply.

Then tonight end of Jan 1st 2014, my account finally updated and my account is now showing -$195.03

My GBPUSD trade slipped way past the stop loss
14883208 GBPUSD Sell 1 1.65065(open) 1.652 0(stop loss) 0 0 1.65703(close) -638($)

I've attached a screenshot of the history on their webtrader.

I would really appreciate any advice.

Thank you


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It seems to be outright scam. Those guys from cowboy firm just want to make quick bucks and shoot off. They event didn't care about a SSL certificate as a middling guarantee.
Just wait till tomorrow and then email them again. I think the MT4 got disabled because of the new year time, so when it come back, you got negative balance.
It wasn't just new years day, I was unable to use it on the 31st while trading was still active. They decided to refund me my money, to the stop loss of my GBPUSD trade which was at 1.62 even though they originally said they'd refund the whole amount. I tried to close this in the profit at 1.648, which is a difference of $400. I'm giving up on this broker, I'm going to try and get my money back and move on.