RESOLVED - GCI Financial - IB Scam 10 K

Capital Trader

I was an IB for GCI Financial for 5yrs.....When I requested my my rebate was for April ..I received an e-mail stating that I was no longer an IB and that I would not get any further rebates. Owing me 10737.79 for April and May...The majority of the the amt owing is the pip spread ...which is mine and not theirs.....Out of the blue ..I get this???...They wont answer my e-mails .. Pls help me with this this is my lively hood.I need it to my my bills....... did nothing wrong...just got ripped off....Pls e-mail me at that I can return the relavant attachements...Thanx in advance ....Lynda Chalifoux...I have sent attachments hope u got it...
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Communication is one of the most terribly exploited actions in forex!
Specifically the lack of!

Many companies just do as they choose without prior notice to all. This seems like the same action all over again.

I have an account with GCI and they just made changes that deleted my good spreads, again no prior notice.

Big or small the brokers/dealers etc. all do it.

It is called customer service and when these folks get it, they will have more happy clients than they no what to do with! Customer service is a better promotional tool than special offers!

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GCI would like to apologize for the lack of communication or action that resulted in this dispute with Capital Trader. GCI prides itself on customer service and communication, and clearly that did not happen in this case. We are pleased to have resolved this matter to the satisfaction of all parties.

- GCI Financial