RESOLVED - Issue sniper forex system.


Private, 1st Class

Below is the same text i left as a review for the Sniper Forex System. Please note that the this is not aimed at the system itself but rather the "new owners"

SUMMARY of REVIEW: Terrible Customer Service from Sniper Forex.

Dear Fellow Traders,

I had purchased the Sniper Forex System a long time back (almost 3 years ago) when it was owned by a Gentleman called Gary Pavkovich. When i purchased the system, it was for lifetime updates and the only other fees I would ever have to pay would be a $25 fee if I wanted to change the account number on my Sniper Forex System. Mr. Gary Pavkovich provided the highest possible level of customer service.

I had stopped trading for a while and recently returned. My broker had changed my account number as they changed their servers and thus assigned me a new account number.

Now when I went to the Sniper Forex website, it seems that the system has been bought out by a new entity "the new owners". I had sent them an email requesting my account to be changed and presented them with ample evidence that I had in fact purchased the system. The only response I got from them was "how can i help you Nasser" and "Gary is not with the company anymore. I therefore requested that my account number be changed and my repeated requests have been ignored. I had sent email after email requesting an account change and how I can pay the $25 fee but my emails have been totally ignored.

It is possible that Mr. Gary Pavkovich sold the system to these new owners. Knowing Mr. Gary from the constant communication I had with him, I am sure that he stipulated that old/existing customers be given the promised service.

I have emailed and emailed Sniper Forex repeatedly and warned them that I will write a review about their service and file a case with Forex Peace Army as a last resort, however, my communication was still ignored.

Since I have purchased the system for lifetime, and my requests to change my account had been ignored, I hereby declare that I have been scammed and shall file a case against Sniper Forex.

I therefore want to warn fellow traders of the terrible customer service that I have received and if you like I can recommend a system that is just as good who provide the highest level of customer service. Just feel free to email me at and I will advise you on the name of this system, which you can find on FPA anyway if you did a search. (Note to FPA: If the above paragraph is against the rules, then please edit it as you please.)

Finally, i hereby declare that since I am not receiving the service promised, then I have been scammed and shall file a case with the FPA.

Nasser F.


Brigadier General
Do you have an email for Gary outside of

How long ago did you pre-pay? How much of that money is still unused?


Private, 1st Class
Dear Pharaoh,

Thank you so much for your reply. I can certainly provide an email from Gary but there is no need to anymore. I have been contacted by Sniper Forex and we have resolved the situation. The problem was an internal error related to email communication. They are honorable people and will honor my lifetime purchase of the Sniper Forex System and will send me new files. Mistakes happen. Can we please mark this as resolved?

Thanks so much Pharaoh and All the Best,
Nasser Faris.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

Thanks for contacting FPA HQ so quickly. As you can see, I've edited the subject line and marked the thread as resolved.

Traders should use this thread as an example. Sometimes what looks like a scam is really just an email filter on one side or the other blocking messages.