Roger Buckley and Lars Beitnes have threatened legal action against the FPA

It's hard to believe he has nothing to do with the aston forex scams:

This can't be a coincidence.

Maybe the victims should file criminal charges against Lars Christian Beitnes. Let the police start investigating him and his buddies.

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In most cases scammers tend to make threats assuming that they can also scam the law. It doesn't mean that getting away with other people's money can somehow make you buy the law. Well handled FPA..
Typical behavior for a scammer or a scoundrel - try to make people obey by making hollow legal threats.
My goodness Mr Bill, you certainly have patience! You try and give these folks every possible chance to clear things up, (MANY more than most of us would give); and they end up hanging themselves on the rope of lies and deceit they create!
Bll K. You are a pillar of patience and are to generous with your time because I would have told these clowns to eff off from the start.
This sort of pompous posturing makes me wonder if Mr Beitnes had a previous career in politics. They present statements without any verifiable facts. They simply threaten. Your response is one of the many reasons why FPA is such a valuable resource. I'd also like to say keep up the good work, it's appreciated.

I rather suspect Roger and Lars are the same person?
This is why whenever someone comes to me and says they found the latest greatest [broker/EA/whatever] the first thing I ALWAYS say is "Did you check at FPA?"

United we stand ....