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scam UFX Bank

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by sami m. nafadi, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. sami m. nafadi

    sami m. nafadi Recruit

    Jan 21, 2010
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    السلام عليكم
    Dear sir,

    On Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:05:12 PM

    I have received an e-mail that join us and get bonus 100% up to $5000
    And the followings:
    Expert in trading 24 hours, reliable brokerage support, professional business attitude
    Daily Market analysis and advices by the best persons in the world
    market trend and direction, future forecasting, guidance and training by the best people
    VIP account manager will be my account manager and he will support me all time and I have to listen to his advice carefully
    and so on

    they are member in one of the best organization ( NFA ID: 0400478 )
    they are located in Cyprus and there name is ( UFXBank )

    I have started trading at financial market (FOREX) with UFXbank
    I did not get the mentioned bonus
    I did not got any technical support
    I did not receive any analyses report
    I did not find any professional business attitude
    There is no reliable brokerage support.
    My account Manager ( Mr. Rami ) is contacting me many times daily by phone not for technical support or advice, he is calling just for pushing me to deposit more money and he is spending long time in the phone insisting me and insisting to transfer more money.
    He was doing so from the first day of trading until the last day. (this is the professional business attitude Of my VIP Account Manager) .
    I have got headache and I decided to stop trading with this company as soon as possible.

    On 07/01/2010 I have got advice by ( Mr. rami - Account Manager ) through mobile phone advising me to buy CAD and sell (500000 AUD) and its very good transaction if you are near to your computer do it or I will do it myself from here now with you. I was driving to home and I accepted this advice and I answered him positively and the transaction done by my ( Acc. M. ) through phone but it was very stupid losing deal. I closed this transaction hardly when it becomes little green.

    I have been informed by my ( Acc. M. ) that the market is stable and safe and you can trade smoothly with no fear. We will inform you for any fluctuation on time and you will be save. You are under our supervision.

    On 07/01/2010 The market goes down
    the ( Acc. M ) phoned me morning time to close the transaction with min. losing possible and I closed all transaction with big loss, as mentioned above in table. But it was the time to inter the market not to exit. After 3 to 4 hours the market returned back and goes up strongly. I am trading only in (EUR/USD)
    Then the ( Acc. M ) return back insisting me to deposit more money
    Now I am out of trading, I requested my account manager that I want to withdraw my money and I was insisting to get back my money but he was procrastinate, delaying me and loosing time. in the end they did not return the money.
    I did not did not success to do any thing and I did not find another choice except continuing trading, May I will find opportunity to leave this company later on. I was trading alone with no support.
    the ( Acc. M ) return back to his attitude insisting me to deposit more money. And I ignore him.

    Suddenly, on 13/01/2010 my ( Acc. M ) informed me that the market will goes up and sure I will lose all my transactions so I have to deposit more money to protect my investment. I deposit 1850 Euro but the market goes down.

    After long negotiation I have get 10% bonus of deposit and they reduce the points from 5 to 3 pips between EUR/USD.

    Again one more time the ( Account Manager Mr. Rami ) return back insisting me to deposit more money.
    I really want to leave the company, I start informing him that I have to withdraw my money so I can trust the company and to deposit more and more money again and I will bring more people to invest with the company.

    On Monday 18/01/2010 my Account Manager became crazy and start insisting hardly to deposit more money.
    He informed me that EUR/USD will goes up from 1.4365 – 1.4387 up to 1.47 and I will lose all my investments so I have to protect my trading and to make it safe by transferring money before 04:30 pm as per Saudi Arabia time. The last call for this subject was on
    ( tel. # +5043 on 03:08 pm as per time of KSA – duration of call 00:10:54 ).

    After 04:30 pm the market will goes up 150 – 200 points one time. He said.
    He was telling me that this way of your trading is wrong and not acceptable and you have to deposit money before the closing time of your bank in K.S.A. which is 4:30 pm.

    Many calls done this day regarding this issue. Accordingly I start closing all my transaction with price of 1.4387 app.
    With lose of $2500 and later on the market goes down up-to 1.40 .

    The capital money I have now about $18357

    directly After I closed all transaction my Account Manager contact me again
    ( Tel. # +5043 at 04:44 pm- as per Saudi Arabia - time duration of call is 00:08:34 ) and he told me good that you closed the transaction.
    I informed my Account Manager that I want to withdraw my money and may I will return back to you next week with my friends . he informed me okey you can and you will got your money with in 5 – 7 working days. But not this week, you can get it next week. I agreed with him next week that I will get back my money

    He told me this week is very strong and we will get benefit I am taking care about the account
    And he advice me to buy USD and to sell 200,000 XAG in the price of 18.5900
    The account Manager still with me on phone
    The system is not accepting . I said
    (my Acc. M.) said try 150,000
    I try 100,000. and this is my first time I trade in metal
    (my Acc. M.) said adjust stop lose on $18,000
    The system is not accepting , I said
    (my Acc. M.) said, go for less amount
    The system accept 14000$ I said – (as I remember $14000)
    (my Acc. M.) said, good
    I told him that I will be busy with my wife in hospital the rest of the day

    at 05:14pm MR. Rami My account Manager start calling me to adjust the stop lose with me on phone.
    After some time he call me again telling me that I have to deposit more money otherwise I will lose all of my investment.
    The price will go till 18.80 and you have to deposit more money and there is no other choice.
    I came home late and tired. I could not do anything and I am not sure the market will goes up or down and no bank are available right now.
    Early morning I found the price goes high and the system close the transaction automatically and I lost all my money
    $18.350 my account was 20,957
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  2. Sibali

    Sibali Corporal

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Very sorry to hear this friend. But as you can see, there are problems with UBFX.
    You are read more in the threats.
  3. sami m. nafadi

    sami m. nafadi Recruit

    Jan 21, 2010
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  4. Mandolin

    Mandolin Recruit

    Mar 7, 2011
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    I have been decieved by Rami at UFXBank as well and i am with you, lets get together and do something regarding this issue

  5. Mandolin

    Mandolin Recruit

    Mar 7, 2011
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