SCAM Vantagefx

hi, please dont go for this broker.
Vantage fx is scam broker.
its totally scam.
it will not give u withdraw of ur profit and deposited fund if u will make profit.

i made profit 90% in more than 5 months on small account of 325 usd.
and they r facing problem because i made profit.
they sent to me mail that i did arbitrage so they will investigate for 90days.
and they will not give me any withdraw, even deposited fund.
its ridiculous.

Its biggest scam broker. because i never seen any broker who stopped withdraw of ur deposited fund.
i never did arbitrage.
i did normal trading. but they r not processing my withdraw.

please dont go for any australian broker because all australian brokers r fraud.
dont deposit any fund in vantagefx or if u currently trading in vantagefx or deposited already, then please go for
other broker outside australia because its useless to make profit in vantagefx. if u r making loss, then no problem go for vantagefx.

my email id is

i have all proof against them.
dont go for vantage fx. it doesnt matter that ur account is small or big.
if u r making profit then forget ur deposited fund and profit.
withdraw write now from this scam broker.

Vantagefx Scam Broker.png


Email all the addresses you have for them. Give them the link to this thread. Ask them to come here and explain how it could possibly take 90 days to investigate the claim.


I have been robbed by their silver price as the price spiked drop to 14.35, . but their price(vantagefx) drop to 14.15 , far below other brokers and market price bottom and I got stopped out by a few pips.No other source can have this low price as they set their own price ( Market makers),so AVOID VANTAGEFX highway robbery ,stay away.