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Hello everyone,

Did anyone know this girl?

I met this girl in Facebook on 03 November 2020, her name Pang Yuanyuan, she was really friendly and asked me to add her on WeChat. We had almost everyday conversation in WeChat, she told me that she was living in Hong Kong, now doing some clothes business and become freelance fashion model in Changsha, Hunan. That time, I didn't believe how beautiful girl willing to get to know me. Then, I started doing some research about her, I found her Instagram and Weibo. I asked her about these account, she said these account has been handle by her agent for marketing purpose and she only get commission from these account. After that, I asked her to show her identity card and she really show me her identity card, but that time I don't know much about Hong Kong identity card, so I just trust her. After a week we know each other, she started talking about work, money, investment, and asking me about my future plan, desire, wishes etc.

Then she started to introduce me about trading world. To be honest, this my first time I know about stock trading, I don't know much about how it works. But I was foolish that time, she really sweet talk. She introduce me MT5, asked me to register LEAD DEER demo account and teaching me very gently, step by step from the beginner level. She also show me her real account trading records in MT5 platform and teach me how to trade in MT5, the profit look promising. She said her uncle is expert in this field, she promised to help me to make money with her uncle. After a month followed trading with her, she asked me to register real account and deposit at least $5000.

I didn't believe this at first, but she keep pushed me up everyday for investing and make money together. She really manipulate me that time with her sweet talk, promising travel together, sleep together, bla bla bla... you know my story became like for everyone of you. Her acting so real to me, then I began to trust her and decided to invest $5000 in my real account, but I told her I'll deposit by 3 times because I didn't have enough money that time. At first, I had to deposit $2500, after that $1250, and lastly $1250. She gave me 2 different bank accounts for me to deposit, since I didn't know much about this, so I just deposit the money to the bank accounts.

After I have successfully deposit $5000, we still had continue everyday conversation. But after 1 weeks, I just realized that she didn't notify me to do trading like before. So I started to asked her, then she keep gave me some excuses, she said her uncle is busy, no trading news because of spring festival, she started busy with some works because Chinese New Year almost near, etc. At that time, I'm getting mad with her a couple of times because she was quite insisting. She told me that I don't trust her on this, so I just calm myself down and keep going to trust her.

But after 2 weeks, I realized she keep avoiding me somehow, she just text me like "good morning", then she just missing until next day. That time, we don't have much conversation like before and I started to losing my trust and my patience with her. So I keep doing some research everyday about her, then I found this forum. I found a thread about LEAD DEER and romance scam as well. I also try to withdraw all my money from LEAD DEER account without her knowing, but still unsuccessful until now.

I know her 3 months now, I just feel everything is fake with her acting. This is the first time I has been scammed by someone, her acting so real. I really don’t know what do now and I also don't know how to recover my funds, I just found this forum a little bit late for me. I just share my story here and I hope all of you in this forum don't get scammed by her. Thanks!

Here are a few details about her:

Here are the account numbers:

Account Name: Gravity Production & Entertainment Sdn Bhd
Account Number: 8603035888
Bank Name: CIMB

Account Name: Vencubator Sdn Bhd
Account Number: 121900010053330
Bank Name: Alliance Bank

A thread that I just found her picture, but I'm not sure it is really her or someone else used her picture:
The website was created in September 2020 with an IP of and the registrant is from Shenzhen. The IP is shared with Aga Trader and Business Choice Partners therefore this is part of that same scam along with East-Century.







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I still have not received yet any reply from this company. My withdrawal status still unaudited. I'm not sure what it is.
Try this,

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This type of online scam has been around for some time and follows the same modus operandi which is obviously still very effective in scamming unsuspecting men.

Recovering lost money in this type of scam is very difficult and time consuming as it cross multiple borders and protected by layers of middle persons.


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This website still is under construction and is being completed.
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We don't want these criminals to hide and destroy evidence.
Let us show the fraudsters and criminals, they can not benefit from the proceeds of crime.
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Seem the real girl, Pang Yuanyuan doesn't want cooperate with these issue. She blocked me on her Weibo and she changed all her social network ID. Nevermind, just let the girl alone, please don't bother her, but if you guys see her pictures on social network or somewhere else, just stay away from her. You don't know who is the person behind that account, maybe her and mybe someone else.


I can confirm I experienced a similar thing, but with East Century Group ( which incidentally shares the same IP address as LEAD DEER!). I was contacted by someone called Judy from China, said she came to Hong Kong with her uncle and made massive profits. Pushed me to open an account with MT5 and was very patient and told me don't rush into it. One week later I thought why let's try it, and she introduced me to her broker called 'Robert' who opened an account for me with When I was depositing funds I noticed the USD account was in the name of Ceason Inc, a deceased Kentucky company. That was a red flag and I also checked the domain details and it was registered 36 days ago. Ok, I asked Judy how long you've used ECG, she said several years. OK that was my cue to nope out. I google East Century and led me here. Please spread your experience so that we can avoid as many people getting scammed as possible!