I invested $1,000.00 on March 10th 2015 I was down to $800.00 by the end of the day. (As expected I was learning the system) I was at $2,200.00 by the end of the second day. (Then withdrew my initial $1,000.00) Leaving me at $1,200.00 to start my 3rd day. My 3rd day I was up to $3,300.00 (Including the $300.00 bonus) Then I lost it all in less then a minute. (EUR/USD I had 1.3 Mill in it) 100% My own fault. They deposited the $1,000.00 I withdrew.

I just with draw funds, I never asked the broker to. I withdraw it so they can't do anything about it.

WHAT I HAVE NOTICED! They are sales people not brokers. This is a do it your self sight.. The pop ups the help from brokers ignore it all!!! (Or do the opposite of what they say) My broker tries to tell me what to do when I make 330% return in 3 days.. I only lost it because I was greedy and new (Didn't use any stops)
I am from Singapore. I opened an account with UFX and all went well until today when I attempted to withdraw this week of USD 1700 profit from my gold account (USD 5000).

My AM, Jennifer called me and presented me an opportunity. I outrightly rejected after I sense she attempted to transfer me to VIP department and pump in additional funds. David from the VIP department called me and advise a trade that utilize 40% of my equity. I questioned him, he said "trust him". I foolishly did out of greed. I lose the entire USD 5000 because the market moved against me.

Account managers are not traders, they don't know what they are talking about. They can't explain leverage and how would it affect trading decisions. They dont know risk and reward. They recommend trades with vry very large stop loss or no stop loss at all. If they sense that you don't know nothing about the market or don't know what you'r doing, they'll prey on you. All they do is to call you everyday to open an account with them, and they promise they would be there to help you trade. But they are thieves, you are slowly transferring your account to their pocket. Not all account managers are act this way, but most of them.
Yes, I agree with you.

Jennifer was my Personal Trading Trainer. I called her AM because she also managed my account.

All was good until I withdrew USD 1700 profit on Fri, yesterday. USD 1700 was made within a week and it was 34% of my base investment. In short, I made 34% within 4 days.

I suspect UFX tried to keep all clients' money from withdrawal. If they see a big sum withdrawal, they will call to convince you to pull back and make a ever bigger gain. What that fail, they harass you until you give in to your greed.

Anyone of you have similiar experience here?