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It is scam.
Today this signal supply close all the accounts of clients that follow the signal.
This signal don't use stop lost and today all of the clients burn the accounts in EURJPY.
Another thing only after burn all the account the guy told to close the trade.... is not a scam.

We are provider of 100% 248 accurate Forex signals for past 2 years. No one in the world has done what we have achieved so far. If these is another system that has generated these many 100% accurate Forex signals for a long time please show it to us. My members got margin called not because of our system or method. We should have been margin called many many months ago if there was a problem with our system. The reason for this temporary set back is due to trying to upgrade to MT5. Our EA has been sending signals on MT4 for a long time and when we used MT5 the beta copy the EA did not function as it should have. Unfortunately, we did not know about the problem until it was too late. Many of our members have been with us from the start and have made huge or good profit. This is why even after this situation 80% of them have come back. We are sure 100% of our system. Computer programs sometimes make mistakes in the new environment. the same as Windows Vista or Windows 7. We communicate with our clients and we answer any questions they have. Thank you,

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There's something wrong with risk management in this picture. Even if we believe the 100% accuracy claim and a single error caused by MT4 vs MT5 coding, a single blown trade or even a whole day's worth of blown trades should NEVER result in a margin call.

No stop loss doesn't mean no loss ever. It just means that the margin call will be your final stop loss.
No Stop Loss = Bad
Every trader should know and respect that.
However Im interested to know what makes your EA so special it can predict so many winning trades.
And your probably correct about MT5 being faster in some ways . Did you just use the same EA from MT4 ?
Still interested in the service though , what does everyone else think , could this be a good one or is this just another minefield of margin calls waiting to go off ?
Thank you for your post. Please go to our website index and see our statement. We do not sell the EA nor reveal the secret.

Best regards,

Not 100% as advertised

Dear Zaffrono or Fariborz Haghighi from HQFreesignals,

Your product is not 100% anymore. No matter what the reason for the last Margin Call was.

I sincerely do not recommend to trade these signals anymore. My reasons for this are:

-Marketing this signal as 100% accurate. This is confirmed to be untrue.
-There is little known about the origin of the signal. is also selling the same signals
-No use of Stoploss which will result in a Margin Call, as has happened in February 2010
-Nothing known about the basics behind the signal
-No address or telephone number known about this company
-There is a forum but it is severely censored
-It says HQFreeSignals, but it is anything but free
-On your main website you state you TRY to be honest to your customers. Trying is not enough

I could go on with a long list. Please adapt your accuracy rate or face the consequences. I will personally unleash an internet campaign against these lies untill you will admit on your website this service is NOT 100% accurate and you will adapt all of the above.

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Well you didnt answer my question.
But if its true that you margin called all your customers why isnt your website reflecting this in removing its 100% claim.
Also your statement does not reflect this Margin Call

Stop being a scammer , answer the questions and change your site !
Dear Sir/Madam:

Please see our FORUM in the web site. We have already mentioned in our forum as a topic that we have been margin called and also we have explained the reason for this. We also have mentioned that we will post our statement very soon. We are very honest and we are not worried about any negative comments against us. We are 100% and nothing can change this. What we have done is 100% unique and no one has been able to do so. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.


You had a margin call, that means you aren't 100%.

Are you guaranteeing 100% success in the future? If I trade with you, will you personally guarantee that your signals will never lose and I'll never get a margin call?

The only way to guarantee no losing trades ever is to use no SL. The problem with this is that you'll either get a margin call sooner or later, or will have to trade such tiny amounts that you'll never make any money.