and Fradulant


I have started my trade AC with this site and person Rasheed asked me to start wit them and he promised me to do robot and make profit of 800% but he has cheated me. I neither get my profit or my investment back.
I lost 500$ with these people.
They are the fauds.
I tried many times thru mail but not a single reply from them.


Lt. Colonel
give them 1 shining star with the same comment your wrote here at review page. here is the review page

Also write same thing on their discussion topic here

There were one notice already from one user from India that do not invest with them from 2016-01-16. But you didnt check their review before.

Now come to solution. Go ahead and send them email regarding this thread that you have opened the thread against the scam they did to you, if they failed to reply here then you may open FPA court case by this link FPA will send them official invitation to answer here and explain everything and if they failed then FPA marked them as a SCAM COMPANY.