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MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform; the Windows of Forex

The MetaTrader 4 platform is approaching the status of an industry standard for Forex trading, but what makes it so popular?

InvestTechFX the leading Meta Trader 4 trading platform 1 PIP Forex Co. reported that the new trading platform by MetaQuotes Software, Meta Trader 4, has reached unprecedented popularity within the Forex trading community. InvestTechFX is now offering the Meta Trader 4 trading software platform to all its clients as well as through InvestTechFX’s free demo Forex account.

InvestTechFX the leading Meta Trader 4 trading platform 1 PIP Forex Co. commented that Meta Trader 4 is without a doubt the most popular platform, and it is the trading platform that InvestTechFX offers and recommends to brand new traders and veteran traders alike. The platform is popular for many reasons, but its strongest asset is its customizability and adaptability. Meta Trader 4 isn’t just a single isolated piece of software; it has an entire community of online traders that revolve around it, use it, and create new updates and add-ons for the Meta Trader 4 trading platform. Updatability and customizability are key elements; every trader needs to be able to configure the tools to their specific style and needs.

InvestTechFX the leading 1 PIP Forex Co. offering Meta Trader 4 elaborated on software trading platforms, describing them as data exchange networks that connect and process trading requests from individual end-users. End-users (usually traders) connect through the range of mobile and stationary devices (a laptop, internet-enabled phone, desktop, ex.). MetaQuotes offers Meta Trader 4 Mobile Terminals (Windows CE and Palm OS) for mobile access. The Meta Trader 4 platform includes a package of other financial management and communication programs, including the MT4 server, MT4 administrator, MT4 data center, MT4 manager, MT4 mobile terminals, and MT4 client terminals.

InvestTechFX the leading 1 PIP Forex Co. offering the Meta Trader 4 platform explained that “indicators” are essentially software plug-ins for Meta Trader 4 or comparable platforms that assist with data analysis. There are many analysis indicators that can be freely downloaded through MT4 oriented websites as well as directly through MetaQuotes’s software support. Meta Trader 4’s programming language (MQL 4) allows the creation and implementation of custom indicators and custom expert advisor programs (automatic trading software). The language also allows the creation of unique functions libraries (collections of often-used code), making code organization easier. Analysis indicators show all kinds of market patterns, trend highs and lows, and averages. Indicators can be written to track and analyze almost any kind of market data.

InvestTechFX the leading Meta Trader 4 trading platform 1 PIP Forex Co. offered advantages provided by the Meta Trader 4 platform, including 128-bit encrypted information exchange, a multi-currency, multi-language design basis, easy integration with analysis indicators and expert advisor programs, and efficient data processing protocols that allow a single server to support many thousands of individual traders.

InvestTechFX the leading Meta Trader 4 trading platform 1 PIP Forex Co. recognized MetaQuotes as a reliable creator and supporter of professional-quality financial software for a truly global trading community, and noted that Meta Trader 4 is a whole-complex platform and operates all necessary broker services. See a comprehensive diagram of the Meta Trader 4 communication process here. Metra Trader works with traders to simplify and streamline the data necessary for trading- allowing end users to configure and save settings profiles that maintain specific chart formats and interface preferences. Traders know that they are part of an online community and can find support for all types of questions, updates, and bug fixed through the support provided directly through the MetaQuotes website and customer service contacts along with independent forums and user blogs oriented toward Meta Trader 4 users.

InvestTechFX the leading worldwide 1 PIP Forex Co. offering Meta Trader 4 commented that for those new to Forex trading there are a number of Meta Trader 4 user guides and tutorials available for free online. InvestTechFX does not endorse or condemn any specific tutorial, though InvestTechFX did comment that there are several video tutorials that effectively illustrate the fundamentals of the MT4 platform.

InvestTechFX the leading worldwide 1 PIP Forex Co. offering Meta Trader 4 offers free demo accounts that run on the MT4 format. A demo account does not use actual money, and is safe way to become comfortable with the MT4 platform and Forex trading in general. Demo accounts provide an opportunity to customize your charts, indicators, and other preferences before opening a real trading account. InvestTechFX recommends extensive use of the demo accounts prior to opening real trading accounts. This avoids unnecessary and potentially costly errors of behave of the trader. Meta Trader 4 is designed to be as intuitive as possible; however it is still a professional platform and can seem very complex for a first-time user. The MT4 platform includes a help guide as a standard, and the MetaQuotes website is always available as an educational and technical resource.

InvestTechFX is the leading 1 PIP Forex Co. offering the Meta Trader 4 platform and supporting scalping, expert advisor programs, analysis indicators, and the full diversity of Forex traders and their strategies. InvestTechFX is a No Dealing Desk broker, and works directly with a clearing department.

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