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Master Sergeant
Hello all, I have it on good authority that there is one more avenue (data protection) for us to attempt to recover our funds for those of us who have requested for a copy of our "recorded" telephone conversations with the Banc de Binary reps who spoke with us. My request was rejected by Banc de Binary despite the fact that the recorded calls would supposedly prove to me that Banc de Binary did not pressure and scam me and make all sorts of promises of teaching to trade and teaching me to invest as inducement to "invest" with them and that they would start me trading "slowly" and the funds were "100% guaranteed protected trades" etc etc etc. All the Banc de Binary reps informed me that the recorded conversations belonged to Banc de Binary's legal department and would not be released to me. This is completely in breach of the Data Protection legislation which most countries have. So please write in to the respective data protection commissioners and ask them if Banc de Binary (or whichever scam binary company is involved) is entitled to deny their victims access to the recorded telephone conversations - which were recorded without us being notified of that the calls were being recorded and which were done without seeking our consent to record the conversations in the first place!

For Banc de Binary victims, Banc de Binary had "moved" their virtual address to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines sometime around June. I was also informed that there is an address for Banc de Binary in Bulgaria, so please do your research and look into the jurisdiction / country from which the scammer operated when you were scammed by them. One of the Banc de Binary victims had written to the Cyprus data protection commissioner and asked whether Banc de Binary was entitled to deny him access to the supposed telephone recordings of their conversations, and while he was still trying to recover his money by other means, Banc de Binary contacted him after 3 months of his writing to the data protection commissioner and offered to pay him back every cent stolen from him provided that he withdrew his complaint to the data protection commissioner and signed a waiver as well. So this is very much something that all the victims should attempt to do as well.

For those of us who were scammed from Cyprus, see - http://www.dataprotection.gov.cy/dataprotection/dataprotection.nsf/links_en/links_en?OpenDocument

The commissioner's email address is: commissioner@dataprotection.gov.cy

As for those of us whom Banc de Binary tried to flick off to the IFSC Belize, Belize has its data privacy and protection included in their constitution! Need to look for the email address of the data protection commissioner or equivalent to email ...

However if you were scammed after Banc de Binary "moved" their address (virtual) to Bulgaria and / or St Vincent and the Grenadines, then you will also need to look for a data protection commissioner in Bulgaria and St Vincent and the Grenadines, just in case Cyprus is not interested in doing anything for you.

So for all victims of various scammers, you may want to look at where the scammers who scammed you are registered and / or operating from and write to the respective data protection commissioner in that country. Most countries in Europe have a data protection act where all information that the victims request for including phone recordings such as Banc de Binary has withheld from us is against the law ...

Please also post any further details you uncover onto the Forum.


Feeling overwhelmed this morning.
The stress is just too much.
Please people . . . help me through today :(
Hang in there. Everyone in the FPA loves you whether or not BDB has stolen your clothes. :)

Check Anne's post on Cyprus Data Protection. When you feel a little better, ask the Cyprus Data Protection Commissioner about gettig BDB's copies of all communications. Also, ask the Data Protection Commissioner what's the official opinion of broker employees trying to get clients to undress on webcams. Perhaps the Data Protection Commissioner would like to examine ALL Banc de Binary communications with female clients to see how many others were subjected to this same behavior.

Björn Danksin

I just wanted to provide an update and let everyone know that I've now received my 3rd chargeback in full from the scumbucket scammer BDB! The 3rd bank informed me yesterday that MasterCard ruled in my favour in the arbitration against BDB and all the funds were reversed back to me yesterday, so thank God for that! I checked my credit card account this evening and the money is all back in there.

Am now still waiting on VISA to rule in my favour against the scumbucket scammer BDB and for the funds to be fully returned to me. Am still praying hard and hoping like crazy that this will be the case soon as it's been a harrowing 8 months to the day since I was scammed in a mega fashion by these thieves back in January 2016.

For those who are not aware, BDB did not dispute the 1st and 2nd chargebacks and the funds were reversed back to me way back in April. BDB however disputed 3 other cards used. I still do not understand why they did not dispute the 1st two chargebacks but disputed the rest. What is the rationale for that when all the funds were fleeced from me in one fell swoop on the same night??? Unfortunately 1 bank has refused to move forward with the 2nd chargeback so that is another story in itself, and I will be retrieving this stolen sum another way.

So please, please everyone, make sure that you file for a chargeback ASAP to ensure that you recover all your funds from all these scammers out there. DO NOT believe any of their lies and DO NOT fall further into their trap of depositing more REAL money in return for their play money BONUS - which is worth even less than the paper the Monopoly money is printed on!
Hello Anne,

that are great news.
How did you do it, that you are so successful? Can you tell me about?
You won the 3rd Chargeback! That is so amazing!



Soon enough, your fight will lead to the victory party - the end of BDB and the imprisonment of those who ran it. The wheels of justice are grinding forward a little faster each day.

Just remember, you've got to fight, for your right, to PARTY!


Aussie Scammed

So I managed to get the videos uploaded on a new account in a different name, which they attacked using my own name . . . and down again.ES Takedown.PNG