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1 come out as very professional and business like, well, do not be fooled. They have a stated policy of guarateed refund for dissatisfied customers. I signed up but changed my mind 3 days later when I discovered they were not registerd with any regulatory authority. I informed the accordingly on Monday, 30 September, 2013. The previous Friday I got a call from their consultant who was to guide me through the process.
My first point of indignataion came about when she told me I needed a minimum of $ 250.00 to commence. The website says $ 100.00. I argued my case and she came down to $ 200.00. It was at this point that I checked their registration with regulatory bodies. The calls have ceased ever since I informed them of my intention to withdraw. I have sent 3 emails so far, none of which has been replied to, how discourteous!
I appreciate the existence of the Forex Peace Army as they allow us, working together, to police the industry.