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Searching What are the biggest accounts on myfxbook you know of?

Help me find a company


I found that myfxbook doesn't show you list of top usernames... you must find them.
What are some of the biggest with capital or in notional (not %) gains you know of?

MyFxBook only shows what the broker shows. $1 in a cent account will look like $100. $1 in a 000 account will look like $1000.

Plus, there are some very dishonest broker that will set up fake accounts on a "live" server. those accounts might show hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in them, but never had a cent deposited and all trades are manipulated to provide massive fake profits. This lets the account holder lure in real depositors to the broker and demolish the accounts. Since those real accounts are also not connected to LPs, the broker keeps all of the "lost" money and gives a share to the so-called great trader who suckered victims into joining.