Where to start

As above and get an idea about HOW you want to trade and then start to specialise by getting ore specific help on YouTube and other places. Education is nothing without practice though remember.
I think that you'd better start with some general information about the markets and everything which is connected to the financial activities in order to know what's what.
You can start your learning on this website at forex military school where you'll find much information about forex and whis will give you a kind of a background to start with. More than that, you can use the resource which is called investopedia, where you'll also find necessary materials for investing. After it you will have an impression of how to trade and you can try your hand in trading demo. Knowledge is nice but practice is more important in trading, from my perspective. More than that, in the process of trading ddemo you'll come up with some specific difficulties which you can overcome with the help of trading forums like this one.
So, I do really feel that it is better to have full knowledge of economics from different angles in order to know about the processes which take place on the market so that you'll have the opportunity to predict some price movements and react to economic events in an appropriate way.
Learn the basic such as how to execute a trade, how to set stop loss, take profit, limit order, etc. Start demo trading and develop your own strategy. Once you find your strategy being consistent, you may switch to live trading with a micro or mini account. Take your time. Never be in a hurry to start live trading on a standard account.
I'd suggest Babypips forex course. It's easy to understand and free of cost too. ;)

Hahaha, I just wanted to express my gratitude that you have pointed at babypips school for newcomers. I also passed all the course just because I wanted to acquire some basic knowledge in trading but it was quite long time ago. I wish all traders would understand the necessity of making a right decision concerning the education. Here I found actually everything, ofc, I am not gonna deny the fact that the courses are so detailed that I had to skip the information, nevertheless they grant traders with new knowledge and that's why I can allege that babypips school deserves being noticed.