Windsor Brokers has sued to try to force the FPA to remove client complaints

I think now it is very clear that Windsor brokers are scammers and stealing clients money!
they wanted to sue FPA to hide all their dirty work!
But thanks FPA for supporting us and saving our rights, that's what we expected from you, but about Windsor brokers we will work till last minute to let everybody around the world know how this broker is dirty and is worst broker in the world, they are trying to expand their business in middle east to steal more money!! wait for more surprises soon Windsor brokers, we wont give up for our rights until you give us our money back!
Thanks FPA for your efforts and support, much appreciated!
FPA was and always will be a fair and neutral entity, and what windsorbrokers just did is the proof. Good luck FPA team...
Being one of Windsor Brokers Egyptian victims would like to extend my thanks to the FPA for there efforts and for standing their grounds for what they believe,Refused to submit for any pressure .Hope that the dilemma we are living for the nearly the last two years clears soon and I am sure that justice will prival.
Since this problem started Windsor Brokers have ignored our inquires,and complains,and now they want are pressuring and threatening bother the FPA and the clients ,iIt makes me wonder What are they hiding .? What are they afraid of ? Why don’t they level with us?..
Thanks FPA for your fight against these fraudsters.
Also, we need to point our fingers to CySec, Cyprus.
CySec knows what these companies are doing (they all are managed by Israelis) but does nothing to prevent us from such brokers. Is there corruption? More likely!
It’s a Cysec authorized flag carrier company, so get a Cyprus criminal prosecutor to investigate into WB Hellenic Bank account, they will find who profit’s from the proceeds of crime


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Shocking and disgusting..! Strange how people have not woken up to new reality and not prepared to accept the individual power pooled together by social media. Won’t be surprised if Windsor brokers changes to Windsor Broken..!
I think everyone has a right to share its opinion in the form of a review at any forum. If people are unsatisfied with a comapny then they will show their anger against it. The company needs to fix the issues other than trying to stop the people on the forums.