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Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by ecafyelims, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. ecafyelims

    ecafyelims Corporal

    Jan 6, 2010
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    I'm just wondering what your experience has been with this EA?
  2. fbj

    fbj Private

    May 11, 2009
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    - early days.
    - is running on separate MT install for DEMO account.
    - charts: eur/usd,usd/jpy,gbp/usd,usd/chf
    - cons:
    I was under delusion that EA would work on ALL of above.
    No.. base product at advertised price works on eur/usd only.
    next step up you pay more (all 4 pairs)
    third step up you pay more (all 4 pairs + optimizations applied from their servers on a dynamic basis)
    Above is I believe the 3 different levels (from memory on 2nd,3rd)
    I have basic XPP.
    I put on all pairs cuz is demo and what the heck! Let's see what happens.
    Been running 24hrs so far and first made 115 pips on USD/CHF
    Unfortunately... Terminal crashed - their 1st release had .dll issue...
    Updated, re-run 4 charts.
    I goofed and did not use same magic #'s which meant EA could not start managing USD/CHF trade which was still open and still making profit.
    duuuh moment on my part. Still only demo/testing. I manually watch and finally decide to close for the 115pips.

    Issue [for me] the S/L is BIG. This is a trend which most bought EA's are following and I am not too sure here!
    Why? I have NO idea if the EA will honour the %risk datum I entered!
    eg, say 1% on 1,000 = 10 prepared to risk. Now... 3,4 or 5 hundred S/L is NO-WAY needed on risk of 10
    IF a robot shadows this 'virtual' S/L as determined by %risk and closes the trade when hit THEN ok is good and the BIG S/L keeps broker out of harms way etc... so this is no problem for me.
    But until I can get some test results OR tech info from support, I am none the wiser AND I would never run on live a/c until this was established - preferably by tech support (ie, from horse's mouth :)

    I bang on about this because I once had EA (supposedly A-OK via my demo tests) on live A/C and I had 1% risk datum setup. My account was only 500gbp. The EA decided to sit back and let price go -ve until over 100gbp was wiped off balance while I was asleep.

    I never ran it again...

    At this point I cannot say more, yet...

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