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  1. J

    Problem Avatrade withdraw problem

    Hello admins and traders see the problem here I received transaction from Avatrade /see the screenshot/ after I asked to cancel it , since skrill limited my skrill account. They did the cancellation and the funds are in their skrill account now, and I ask them to make the transaction again...
  2. R


    My Account No. is 6325959. For over two weeks now, I have been trying to withdraw from my Ava trade forex Account but the company kept rejecting it without any explanation. When I got in touch with Customer Service, the reply was that, it was due to wrong Account Number. I tried four more times...
  3. A

    Discuss AvaTrade.com (was AvaFx.com)

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  4. A

    Problem AVAtrade cancelled my profits

    Dear members please see the screenshot attached, you can see a row "debit due to technical issues". They cancelled my profits of $582, the reason is my UBill is not valid, but they could ask me for a new BIll before cancelling my profits. Be carefull with this broker and please give me an...
  5. G

    Problem Avatrade scam

    Please be advised. Dear people Avatrade are thieves. $500 just stolen from me. When I asked for it. Just just send an email. "All your trading accounts have been blocked.
  6. A

    Problem AVATrade partnership issue

    Tracking id: 64214 We have been Affiliates of Ava Trade for over a year and our partnership was progressing smoothly. The number of customers grew as well as the payments. E.g. In June, 354 of our customers traded in AvaTrade. No issues were reported, both parties were satisfied with their...
  7. N

    Problem Avatrade

    I have had an account with Avatrade for several years. I must admit that my fortunes have not worked out for me but posting my case as a potential warning and threat for people considering signing with them. My account managers over the years have been Aaron (forget his last name) who is no...
  8. R


    I trade on the AVATRADE; Account 5050802-USD. Ava abruptly closed all my orders on August 23, 2018, without any reason. Previously, the balance on the balance is about $ 400, now $ 0.00. On MT4 transaction software, Ava has transferred money back to my card (charge back), however up to now...
  9. A

    Problem AVATRADE / AVAPARTNER SCAM $160,000 from affiliate

    Hello. My friends works as an Affiliate for Avatrade, He also has employees. Avatrade haven't paid him. They actually sent him proof close to the 15th of when he was meant to be paid showing proof that £91,000 was sent to him. Anyway the following Monday he contacted them after payment was...
  10. K

    Resolved - Scammed by an AVAtrade employee

    So...short story is. My elderly father got way in over his head in stupidity and confusion. my father signed up to avatrade a while back and made a deposit (which we still don't have access to). We were assigned an account manager, but that changed to a different one. The new account manager...
  11. SulaymanFx

    Problem Ava Trade affiliate scam

    I am an affiliate with ava trade and have had my money blocked since the 8th of November 2017. The issue was at first that I wasnt somehow hitting required spreads when I wasnt told about this from the start as I recieved payments before this even tho I didn't hit it. Then I started working on...
  12. moonvalley

    Problem AvaTrade is a scam

    My father and I made a series of deposits into our accounts at AvaTrade last year, totalling roughly USD3800 (USD1000 + USD2800). This entire amount had been withdrawn successfully back to the respective credit/debit card and PayPal accounts. Noting how hard it was to withdraw money from...
  13. F

    Problem Avatrade scam / hoax / fraud

    I made a $640 deposit via bank transfer from my paypal bank account to your bank account at 24 Jan 2018. The bad thing is I have not received that money into my avatrade account 6458253. It seems like avatrade is scamming me for my money and not responding in anyway!!!phones,emails,online...
  14. FXTrader111

    Resolved: Avatrade - still waiting for withdrawal money over one month later

    I started a withdrawal process with Avatrade starting on Dec 22 2017. My initial deposit was $2000 USD on Nov 17 2017. My withdrawal was for $1802.00 USD, so I am down $200 USD of my own money. I got in touch with Avatrade support by email, and they responded on Jan 18 2018. Dear Justin...
  15. dennis199

    Problem Avatrade Scam!

    Hi, I created an account with Avatrade and placed 200$ to start me off however as I tried to withdraw this money, the interface didn't allow me due to my documentation. I provided documentation almost a month ago, sent several emails to avatrade and when I phoned them or had a live chat with...
  16. N

    Problem Avatrade

    They never respond,phone, email ... I sent a deposit by payal in january 2, and send the documents on January 4 through your website and email! but I have no news yet!
  17. E

    Problem Problems to withdraw money on Avatrade

    After more them 4 years as an active avatrade user, suddenly i am are seeing a different behavior coming from this company. Last week, i decided to ask for a withdraw on my account. After years as a active user, and already with a verified account, Avatrade suddenly decided to block my aces to...
  18. H


    Ac - 5731818 Ive Requested a Withdrawal near a month ago. However the Bank Debit Card I deposited with has now been closed so i requested a Wire transfer to my other bank account, after chatting and waiting a week was told need to send confirmation of the old bank closing the account... I have...
  19. Y

    Problem Avatrade deposit fraud

    I made a $1000 deposit via bank transfer from commonwealth bank to their ANZ company bank account at 11 Dec 2017. The really bad thing is I have not received money into my avatrade account 5182606. It seems like avatrade steal my money and no response in anyway!!!phones,emails,online...
  20. A

    Problem Can't withdraw my profits (AvaTrade)

    More than 2 weeks I can't get my money. First few days, I had a contact with them, they were saying they are busy because they have a lot of clients now (I think they have to hire more employees in this case). But now, they don't answer my calls, email etc. So, they are just liers. I can't reach...