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    Bforex scam

    Hi borex are cheaters please help Bforex team are threatening saying they will deduct rebate amount from my equity balance. My account manager Ravi and krunal have not provided me sufficient information of rebate please look into thin now they are threatening to deduct rebate am out from...
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    Bforex fraud people

    Following people claiming to be associated with Bforex are 100% fraud. 1) Dhaval Churi 2) Leena Narsule Email of Dhaval Churi doesn't exist that is I made deposit which Bforex is not refunding. I requested for refund of deposit only. It seems that Bforex is frauders chain...
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    Scared of scam - BForex

    What can i do, i have join bforex company before i no of this group How real is this company and what do you advise i do
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    Bforex scam

    I was scammed by Bforex. They have persuaded me to deposit money from my credit card which worth a total of 2,200 USD. When I have read this site I decided to withdraw my money from them because they have told me that I can withdraw the money anytime. But until now I have not received any...
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    Dear traders, BForex is a big scam. I would like to say two things regarding Bforex which are indicators of scam: 1) BForex told me that we will devote a professional after activating your live account. Yes, it was correct . they assigned a trader to me but whatever he told me...
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    BForex company stool more than 20.000$ all my account with them.

    this is Omran Mohamad Kataya from Beirut, Lebanon, i have been stoolen by BForex company, and i do have the proof of what they are doing with their customers and how they steel their money too, i want to make a complain at them to be able to get my money back from them, so please help me out to...
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    BForex took my money

    Im badran abdulla alqahtani, i deposited money 10,000 usd last february 2010 to bforex limited company. They had a sweet talk,they said they will give me 20% interest to my money... And then now i want my money back already, they said that my money gone already... Why what happend? I ask them...
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    My problem with BForex

    How can you please help me out how was Scam by Bforex training
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    bforex a complete loss

    I had joined bforex and as per the agents words I deposited 200$.they gave a bonus of 200$ and gaind profit of 50$ in 5 days.then 240$ just lost and on being asked the agent said he ll recover from the trades .but my 170$ just in 1 day,on contacting them they are not responding..please help
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    bforex drained all my savings and will not return my money

    I am Ibrahim and I started with bforex around December 2014(Account no.#11445882). I was assigned an account manager called Mosa Yamen (Bulgaria branch??) who managed to drain all my savings and sold a car and two pieces of lands. All deposits were made through credit cards. Since nothing but...
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    bforex scam

    تعرضت لالحتيال من قبل مدراء الحساب من bforex مؤخرا و خسرت 54000$
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    My account manager at BForex placed a crucial trade in the wrong direction causing my accounts Liqui

    I believe i have been cleverly scamed by BFOREX. My account manager whom i believed was helping me but in fact was leading me into a pricarious position and the getting me to deposit more and more capital ( saying i will be able to make good money and rescue my account untill i had no more...
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    Bforex SCAM

    I opened an account with in December 2009. I successfully withdrew my deposit and some profits in February 2010. However, when I continued to make profits and attempted to withdraw further profits in May 2010 my account was frozen. I received an email from Bforex Holdings saying...
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    Bforex transaction (Withdrawal USD 829.15) - Never Remitted

    CASE DETAILS: Withdrawal USD 829.15 from bforex trading account was done on August 2013 and from then onwards I have been trying my best from my ICICI bank to bforex, I have a serial and trail of all emails. bforex after several grievances and petitions had provided ARN numbers on email, and...
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    BFOREX LIMITED: Scam Alert Alert!

    Traders beware!!! BFOREX LIMITED is a big SCAM! I deposited money with them and made profits for 5 months. But when I tried to make my first withdrawal, they froze my 15K account and cancelled my trades. They refused to discuss the matter or give any explanations, and simply stated that “you...
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    BForex is a fraudulant company

    For more than a year I was thinking of investing in Forex and I saw an add for BForex onine. I registered and they kept calling me for many months and I was reluctant till May 2013. I decided to invest $2000 to try based on assurances and promises that the money will grow with them and they will...
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    When requested to withdraw my balance and close account; they are refusing claiming that I did not make enough volume
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    BFOREX SCAM - $ 48,000 Please Help!

    BFOREX representative called me and was in constant touch with me till i invested $ 48,000. Now none of them are responding and will not refund my money. I am not talking about the profits, i Just want the money that i invested $ 48,000. How do I go about this, I have heard FPA is the only...
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    Bforex Scamm

    Bforex is Big Scamm eating money of their trader.