Bforex scam


Hi borex are cheaters please help

Bforex team are threatening saying they will deduct rebate amount from my equity balance.

My account manager Ravi and krunal have not provided me sufficient information of rebate please look into thin now they are threatening to deduct rebate am out from actual balance.
Bforex team don't bother about customer profit they focus on making customers to open more positions whether it's a loss or profit to customers they kept profit margin for all positions.

They don't give withdrawal easily not less than 10-15 days. They try customer sick more time trading delivering profit to company whether it's a profit to himself or loss.
Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Invite him via skype or any communication address you have for him.
Hi team please do not belive and big cheater krunal.parekh these two are big gamblers. As soon as i open account with bforex they asked to pay 25k to avail platinum account. To get rebate i give good profit.

They again plan to loose my money to some extent. They tried opening as many as position from me to get more profits. Later once the equity gone lower side after one month I requests to settle account they deducted my rebate money.

So please be aware of this cheaters before you deposit money.

They are bringing down bforex image in the market.

This the trick they played with me to make their incentives and I lost 8957$ on 1-june-2016.