Alpha Trading Cm engages in bad practices, They are scammers


This is a scam broker. This is what they do
1. They manipulate prices against the clients position, they did this to me about 100 pips in few seconds every time i placed a trade
2. They start trades on the clients account without clients knowing and hope to blow the client account. They did this whilst my MT4 was not even running.
3. They don't allow your withdrawal. If you fight them hard enough they end up giving you whatever they want instead of what You requested in your withdrawal request. In my case I had $1240 in the account and requested $668 withdrwal. They refused to give it to me. At last they gave me $224. They said they were trying to break even.

They admit doing all this saying that they are trying to get even in terms of their business. So they have to do all this so that they make some money of the clients account, so they say. What they do they pretend to be helping the client by giving in to clients requests about spreads and all that. In my case they gave me a 0.9 spread on EURUSD. Their hope is that you will loose your deposit anyway. But when you trade well and make money then they start pulling all these stunts against your trades. One particular Tuesday they were fighting my account very hard. I would enter into the trade, then immediate their price feed would go in opposite direction to my trade about 102 pips in very few seconds. I would check other price feeds from other brokers and there would be none of such price movement. Only their platform would show those false spikes. I would enter the trade again and the same thing would happen, they will manipulate the price to move against my position trying to wipe out my account. The last stunt they pulled was to enter the trade in my absence. I had shutdown my MT4 and went to bed. 12hrs later I woke up and went to start my MT4 platform. When it started I checked that it was disabled and I asked them why, they said I had placed 1 trade that went against me in few minutes and wiped my account. My Balance before this trade was $1025 and this trade was a GBPUSd for 1 lot. It took out $1027 if few seconds. I would have never traded a 1 lot with a $1025 balance. My EA was not even programmed to trade 1 lot, my EA was set to trade 0.04 lot. The EA could not just simply decide to place the 1 lot trade. My EA does not use Martingale. Even worse the MT4 platform was not even running, thus there was no way the EA could place that trade.

The long and short of it is that Alpha Trading CM is the biggest scam broker ever. They operate like FXCH, they pull the same tricks. But I think FXCH is better because they don't give you fuss about your money and withdrawals. Alpha Trading CM is a nightmare if you want your money back. Stay away from this broker.
Maybe they are scammers, but admitting that they did that mean actions - it's hard to believe. I think there was misunderstanding between you.
Response to Pharaoh

I had deposited using wire transfer as at the time they didn't have credit card facility. My deposit was $220 including fees. So I don't see why they would refusemy $668 withdrawal when infect I had plenty of funds in my account ($1240) and there were no open trades. It is their policy not to facilliate withdrawals if there are open trades, this is practice standard by all brokers, that I understand and have no problem with. But there were no open trades in my platform, thus they were able to effect the withdrawal of $224. The questions is why they did not honour the requested amount of $668? Secondly why did they not tell me about it that they would only pricess $224 and give me the reasons for it? Infect after questioning the balance on my account after they has made the withdrawal, they tols me that they had sent $300. When the funds arrived in my local account it was $224. I asked Alpha Trading about this then they responded that they could not give me either $668 or $300 because they would run at aloss if they did that. Now tell me, what kind of a broker oprates like that? They could not give me my profits when I requested them, isn't that scamming? is't refusing a clients the withdrawal of his own profits considered illegal and scamming?
I have three issues with Alpha Trading

1. I want them to explain who openned that single trade of 1 lot for GBPUSD that wiped out my account in few seconds? At the time of that trade my MT4 platform was not even running. I have asked them about this and requesting them to investigate but they said "it looked like the trade was oppened from my side". But Myfxbook could not record that trade either. it confirms that the trade was not executed from my MT4 platform. It was excuted somewhere else. Myfxbook does show the record of the last time it recorded trades from my platform. That was the last time I shutdown the trading platform and went to bed. When I woke up, the trading account was disabled. I couldn't login. When I asked they said it was because my account was blown up. this is their response

"Hello Casper,

We answered this in a ticket. Please check that as well. But your account was disabled because you placed a trade that went against you. Once you hit a negative amount the banks direct us to close your account as you start playing with their money. If you want to continue trading here you would need to send more funds. We can not enable an account that is not funded."

I asked them how that could be, given that the trading platfom was not even running? Then it became a too-and-fro debate between me and them, hence am here at FPA to alert others about Alpha Trading CM scamming tactics. I think that they were after my second deposit, that is what they pushed me towards doing, so that they could contnue to play games with my account and depleting my funds

2. I want them to explain to me and everybody why they did not effect the $668 withdrawal as requested by me? Why did they unilaterally decided to just give me $224? was it because they felt my initial deposit was $220 and so I was only desrving $220? This below is their response to the withdrawal saga

"As far as we are concerned this matter is closed. You are at the very least made whole as you were sent more funds than you deposited. Please explain to us how a "scam" broker would do such a thing? Isn't the idea to cheat you out of your deposit? As you know, you were sent funds that exceeded your deposit. This is a fact, is it not? It is!"

The issue is not whether or not I was sent funds which were equal or greater than my deposit, the issue at hand is that I was withdrawing funds from the profits I had made, plain and simply. If the clients trades the market and makes profit, the client has the right to withdraw his/her funds, that ia what I understand. So for Alpha Trading CM to say that they gave me $4 extra to my deposit of $220 is just not good enough explanation for not processing my withdrawal as requested, moreso when I had $1240 in my account and asking for just $668

3. Third issue I wouldlike to explain is how they prices just spike 100 pips out of the blue just after I entered the trade? why does that spike only show in their trading platform and not other brokers platform? if it is news spike, then all brokers should record it. Why were they doing that to my account? I have evidence of this as during that time of then incidenent I was sitted and watching the market and observing many screens at the same time, monitoring different brokers I had account with. None of them were recorded those spikes, only Alpha Trading CM did, and they pulled it every time I placed the trade then they would go agaisnt my position in few seconds. it happened for 4 trades and I realised that they were playing trick then I shutdown the platform and went to skpye them about the matter. They said they wouldlook into it. They came back saying that it was their Liquidity Provider (LP), namely Barclays who was playing tricks in my account. They said they would change me to another LP. So they blamed Barclays for it. I didn't buy that, but perhaps I thought they were right so I tried continuing trading with them. The same thing happenned the following few days. Amazing these false spikes did not happen when i traded smal lots like 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.04. But Once I traded 0.1 lot then it happenned. For me this was quick way for Alpha Trading to make quick bucks out of my account.

So I challenge Alpga Trading CM to come out here and explain their operations in terms of three isssues herein raised.
Send an email to every address you have for them and invite them to join this thread.
Send an email to every address you have for them and invite them to join this thread.
I have already told them about this thread, so it is up to them to see it necessary to show up and explain their position or prove me lying if they feel so.
Sometimes a reminder that a problem isn't going to go away or get swept under the rug can be useful.
They replied and here below is their response. They are adamant that they are right when infect clearly they openned a trade on 26 November for EURUSD pair at 1.3665 for sell, and they closed it at 1.35625 for exactly 102 pips which was enough to wipe out my of $1025 using 1 lot. This trade lasted for few few minutes. The problem with this trade is the EURUSD pair never rose above 1.3620 as from 25 november to 27 november. So if they claim that I openned this trade, then how could I have done so without the market getting to 1.3665? No one else also could have done this outside their comoany as traders don't manipulate price feeds, only brokers can do that. I have served them with this question and they have failed to answer. I also invited them to come to this forum to explain their position and here below is their response:

Thank you for the offer. However, we consider the matter closed. Our team has investigated and found nothing out of the ordinary. It is unfortunate but a bad trade was made. As far as we can see, this trade came from your account. If you gave someone else access then we are not responsible. If your system was still turned on, we are not responsible.

It is unfortunate, but people do also attempt to scam forex brokers. And perhaps there is a bit of projection on your part.

An error or bad trade was made - and it was not from our side.

We are sorry that you feel this way. We feel as though we have given you the best trading opportunities possible, the best conditions - even at our expense. We gave you conditions that you would not receive at other brokers. Your trades were passed through. We took zero exposure to you. We returned money to you, more than you deposited. From our end, you received the best service you could possibly receive. There is nothing more we can do. We can not make you win. We can not make everyone happy, as unfortunately, there are individuals that are never content. These are not perfect markets. And unfortunately, neither are people. Perhaps you should admit to your bad trade as opposed to blame Alpha and attempt to tarnish our name.

In the end, we do and continue to provide good service. We will not be bullied either. We will also fight for our good name. Especially, when we have done nothing wrong!

We wish you the best in life and in business.

Kindest of regards,
Alpha Information
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Open up a daily chart on the EUR/USD. Magnify it a bit. Place a horizontal line at 1.3665. Take a screenshot.

Post the image here and email it to Alpha Trading.